It was a better-than-usual result for the Winchuck Volunteers' chicken barbecue at the Winchuck Fire Hall last weekend.

The organization, which supports the Winchuck Fire Department, raised $5,400 after selling out its 500 pieces of chicken that were put on the grill over an alder wood fire, said Tom Taylor, Winchuck Volunteers treasurer.

In recent years, the barbecue has averaged raising $4,500. Although the event raised more than previous years, expenses to put on the event were also higher, Taylor said. In addition, the Winchuck Fire Hall also had a few extra expenses, such as having to replace an underground power line to the water well.

"We had higher-than-average maintenance costs," Taylor said. "I'm glad we had a higher-than-average turnout."

Taylor added that planners were also glad they had the foresight to put out more tables and chairs this year. Even with more seating, places to eat were still hard to find.

The centerpiece of the event was the butter-based barbecued chicken served with baked beans, coleslaw a dinner roll and lemonade served by members of the 4-H Rail Riders equestrian group. Guests also could purchase beer, wine and sodas, and cap the meal off with homemade desserts.

Musicians entertained while people dined or placed bids in the silent auction. A live auction was also called by Kevin Bane of KURY Radio.

Bane took a break from the auction so that Bill Hauer, Winchuck Volunteers president, could honor Arch Lang with a plaque. Lang is one of the founders of the 30-year-old Winchuck Fire Department. Lang, who now lives in Lincoln City, was unable to attend, but his daughter received the plaque to send it to him.

Proceeds from the event will go into the organization's general fund. The money is used to cover expenses incurred by the fire department that are not covered by its tax base. The Winchuck Volunteers also make a contribution to the Brookings-Harbor Scholarship Fund and other community charities.

"It's not just fire department support, but community support," Taylor said.