Quick thinking led to the arrest of 29-year-old John Silva of Crescent City on multiple charges after he attempted to shoplift items from the Brookings Bi-Mart on Friday.

Silva was observed with a cart full of items that he was preparing to take from the store, which prompted an alert customer to phone the police, and a Bi-Mart security announcement caused Silva to abandon his cart and leave the store.

"One of our customers had already called the police and they (the police) were arriving when he left," Bi-Mart Assistant Manager Kevin Taylor said. "That's why he turned left on Wharf instead of right."

According to Taylor, Bi-Mart policy is to not call the police until a possible shoplifter has left the store with the items.

"We couldn't do anything until he left the store; that's why we were surprised to see the police so soon," he said. "We're glad he didn't get anything."

As Brookings Police K-9 handler Dusty Watson and his partner Charger were responding to the scene, they observed a vehicle matching the description of the suspected shoplifter.

The vehicle stopped in the middle of the street, prompting Watson to enact a traffic stop.

Charger alerted to the odor of narcotics, giving Watson probable cause to search the vehicle.

Silva was placed in handcuffs as the search was conducted and Watson found narcotics, weapons and drug paraphernalia in the red pickup.

An ambulance was called after Silva complained of feeling faint and he was transported to Curry General Hospital at his request.

According to Brookings Police Sgt. Kelby McCrae, Silva was booked into the Curry County Jail after being released from the hospital on tentative charges of theft, possession of methamphetamine, concealed weapons and a warrant out of Clackamas County.

According to McCrae, the case is still developing and more charges could be added at a later date.