The Second Saturday Art Walk will continue in October under a new team of "younger, more energetic" art lovers, said Horst Wolf, cofounder of the popular monthly event that showcases art galleries in Brookings.

Wolf founded the Art Walk with Dale Wells, who will take over special events at Wright's Custom Framing and Art Supply.

Wells will stay on, as will Shirley Hyatt, who schedules the musicians at various venues. Lynn Guild will manage and head up special events at Dewey's Digs at the Curry Coastal Pilot. Wolf will coordinate events for the Brian Scott Gallery and Sandy Bonney will do the same at Signatures Gallery of Fine Art.

Christina Olson will take over as the venue coordinator, taking information regarding special events for all venues and forwarding them to Bill Schlichting, features editor at the Pilot, who will create the schedule and flyers for the art walk's publicity. Joining the "Dream Team," as Olson calls it, will be Pete Chasar, who will coordinate events at the Manley Art Center.

The transformation will take place slowly, as September's art walk is already ready to go, Wolf said. The entire group will work together to get October's art walk up and running.

"In November, we might help them a little and stay until it's all smooth," Wolf said.

Wolf and Bonney stepped aside because the work involved is getting overwhelming, he added.

"I'm 82 soon," he said. "I don't have the energy to make sure it's right. I'm tired. I'll still be involved, but I'll have more time to concentrate on the Brian Scott Gallery and Sandy will have more time to concentrate on Signatures Gallery."

"It's interesting the way this has shaken out," Chasar said "I think it'll be a smooth transition. I don't think it'll be that big a deal."

The format, Wolf said, will basically remain the same.

"Art walkers won't know the difference," he said, although with more people working on specific tasks, events might prove to be more vibrant.

"It was going to continue," Wolf said. "In the worst case andndash; the absolutely worst case andndash; we wouldn't have had a flyer or special events for awhile. But because the venues are all eager to participate, it would run by itself."

Chasar said once the public knew Wolf and Bonney were stepping down, numerous people told him they didn't want it to go away, he said.

"I knew the art walk was popular, but with all the comments I'm getting, it's obvious it's very popular," Chasar said. "I'm optimistic it's going to work out."

"I am not surprised that it takes all these people to take over the work done by Horst and Sandy over the last few years," Guild said. "To me, Horst will always be the heart of the art walk, but the 'Dream Team' will provide some of the new energy."

Schlichting agreed.

"It's going to be less work for everybody," he said. "It's not like they're doing the whole thing anymore. It's going to be interesting."