GOLD BEACH andndash; A log truck driver was convicted of reckless driving and reckless criminal mischief last week because he drove his unbalanced load from Humbug Mountain to Brookings, swerving in and out of his lane and forcing at least one car off the road.

Sentencing for Christian David Sabin, 38, of Bandon, is scheduled for Friday

Curry County District Attorney Everett Dial had charged Christian David Sabin, 38, Bandon, with those counts plus another of reckless assault, but the jury found him guilty of the two counts.

"It all came out of his driving the log truck, with the load not level on one side," Dial said.

Dial said that Sabin was having trouble controlling the truck, which had it's largest problem south of Pistol River.

"It went into the wrong lane. A young woman went off the road at 55 mph into a ditch, damaging her car," Dial said.

He said there were three witnesses andndash; one in one car and two in another.

"One car had pulled over. The way the truck was moving scared her. He kept slowing down quickly," Dial said.

"When the car was forced off the road, Shelly Palmer stopped and helped the young woman forced into the ditch," Dial said. "The couple in the other car followed him to the mill and reported him to the police department."

That couple was Boris and Mary Golceff.

"What they did was a public service and helped the victim by following the truck and calling police," Dial said.

"This was a good case where good Samaritans helped," Dial said.

Sabin's sentencing is scheduled for Aug. 10.