The Brookings City Council approved six contracts to local contractors to build an Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

The city is acting as the general contractor in building the EOC and subcontracting out all the work. There will be 14 phases of construction on the center, said City Manager Gary Milliman.

An EOC is different from a 911 center in that it is a place where emergency officials can meet and plan during a disaster or multi-agency event.

McLennan Contractors were awarded bids for excavation, insulation, painting, roofing, gutters, flooring and mechanical work totalling $76,912. Bodman Construction, Inc. will conduct foundation, framing and siding work for a total of $61,767. Brookings Electronic Services, Inc. will do $65,911 worth of electrical work.

Other bid winners included JB's Painting and Drywall, LLC, awarded $8,620 bid for painting; $9,098 to River's End Construction for cabinets and countertops; and $9,795 to New Hope Plumbing. All are local contractors.

"This project will be watched more closely than other projects," said Councilor Jake Pieper, in regard to the city serving as general contractor. "I hope it goes smoothly. It'll be interesting to see how it works, with contractor A building on top of contractor B, pointing fingers, who cleans up the mess. andhellip;"

Building official Laura Lee Snook said each contractor would inspect the work done by the contractor before them, and any damage done to another's work would be repaired or paid for by the person who did the damage.

Construction will be funded by a U.S. Department of Homeland Security grant awarded to the city in 2011. Under the terms of the grant, the city must provide a 20 percent local match, bringing the total project budget ,including design and engineering ,to $466,667.

The city was able to save almost $55,000 by opting to act as the general contractor.

"I think this will be a good project," said Councilor Dave Gordon. "I think this will be a model for what we do."