First through third-graders listened to the adventures of Captain Book, 10-year-old Roger, a lion and a mouse during a puppet show Tuesday at the Chetco Community Library.

In the story, which is loosely based on Aesop's Fables, Roger embarks on a voyage with Captain Book. The Captain tells him the story of a lion and a mouse.

In the Captain's tale, a timid mouse runs into an overconfident lion who gets caught in a net and learns that even someone like a small mouse can help a big lion get out of trouble.

The adventures of Captain Book, Roger, the lion and the mouse were written by Brookings Emblem Club 265 member Virginia Frizzle.

The library's Children's Librarian, Dori Blodgett, was impressed with the show.

"I thought it was really cute," Blodgett said. "I liked that it promoted reading. I liked that it told a folk tale. My favorite types of stories are folk tales.

"It's a teaching folk tale, so the kids got a lesson out of it. They not only got the message to read, but also to help others. It was really great. The kids were thoroughly entertained."

Children did indeed like the show.

Diego Trerne, 7, enjoyed the acting.

Julia Howell, 8, liked the characters.

The action was the favorite of Rockette Marrington, 7.

The popular lion and mouse were made by Frizzle, her husband Brian Frizzle built the portable canvas frame and her daughter Renne Cornwell helped paint the set.

"I've always done puppets," Frizzle said.

Frizzle has been involved in puppet shows for years andndash; when she lived in the Philippines she made stick puppets and hosted a traveling show for children who couldn't go to school. While teaching at an alternative school in Brookings, she put on a puppet show as well.

Frizzle hosted her puppet show on her front porch for neighborhood children when her children were young. Her first stage was made out of a refrigerator box that she decorated with wallpaper. The puppets were made from the stuffing of stuffed animals.

In college, she majored in Theater. She then taught English, theater and preschool for many years.

The puppet show was sponsored by the Emblem Club as a part of its literacy committee.

"It's a gift from the Emblem Club to the library for their great support of literacy in the community," Frizzle said.