Pastor Ed Yeager andndash; sometimes known as the pastor of the Big White Truck, the Sidewalk Pastor or the Street Pastor andndash; was hoping to become the Pastor of Sidewalk Chalk Art and win a free concert sponsored by K-Love Radio of Denver, Colo.

Alas, the concert route went south, with Monday's winners named in Highlands Ranch, Colo., Tuesday's in Albuquerque, N.M., Wednesday's in Mustang, Okla., Thursday's in Liberty, Mo., and yesterday's in Papillion, Neb.

The Brookings minister, who isn't affiliated with any church or denomination, was among more than 70 who submitted an entry by the deadline late last week.

His chalk art, drawn in front of Calvary Assembly of God on Fir Street in Brookings, depicts block letters spelling "The Sidewalk Prophet "with Jesus reaching out toward the viewer and surrounded by members of the band.

"That's what the Holy Spirit gave me," Yeager said. "He told me exactly what to do, and I told Katy (Pettinger) and she began the rough draft."

The rest of the story is on the sidewalk.

The radio station selected five winners from around the country, and announced the name of one winner each day this week. If he had won, the band The Sidewalk Prophets would have played a free concert on "his" sidewalk in Brookings andndash; and Yeager would have won an autographed guitar.

Monday's concert took place in Highlands Ranch, Colo., and Tuesday's in Albuquerque N.M. At that point, Yeager was becoming increasingly excited about his odds.

"I said this from the beginning: If they start in Colorado and head south, they might loop around and head up north," he said. "If they head east, we don't have a chance. Last night's (Tuesday's) concert was in Albuquerque; it's a perfect line. We just keep it our prayers."

Most of the art appeared to be drawn by children, while Yeager's was more colorful and detailed.

"It's definitely different," Yeager said of his art, "and that's why I was hoping we had a good chance. It just feels right. We're just directed by the Holy Spirit; we let him ride from there. It would have been such a huge blessing."

Other contestant's art and the winners can be viewed at

K-Love, located at 93.5 locally, is a Christian radio station dedicated to inspiring and encouraging listeners to have a meaningful relationship with Christ. The station sponsors numerous contests throughout the year.

The Sidewalk Pastor band, comprised of Ben McDonald on rhythm guitar, Cal Joslin on bass, Justin Nace on drums and lead singer David Frey, got its start by leading worship at its alma mater, Anderson University in Indiana. The band played independently for several years before signing a record deal and moving to Nashville.

Their first album earned them distinction as the 2010 "New Artist of the Year" at the Gospel Music Association's annual Dove Awards.