As the hour-hand approached 1 p.m. Friday, more than 30 dog-lovers anxiously waited for a plane carrying rescued dogs to arrive.

"There's a plane!" one bystander at the Gold Beach Municipal Airport said while pointing to the sky.

As the plane drew closer, supporters positioned their cameras to capture the moment. A handful of people had tears in their eyes.

When the plane landed, those in attendance swarmed the plane to catch a glimpse of the precious cargo.

While Winston, Kansas, Alabama, Daisy and Peaches were unloaded, people reached out to hold and comfort the new arrivals.

A total of 10 dogs, includingAustralian shepherds, weimaraners, chihuahuas, Jack Russell terriers and dogs sporting mixed heritages, were rescued Friday by Pennies for Pooches, Curry County Animal Shelter. Five were flown in on a private plane from a shelter in Contra Costa, Calif.that couldn't accommodate more dogs.

"When they landed, I just started crying because they were a kill shelter, so we saved these dogs' lives," said Catherine Powers, Gold Beach shelter supervisor.

All of the dogs were spayed, neutered and altered before arriving. Their shots and health certificates are up to date as well, which means the dogs are ready to be adopted.

"They're ready to go, and they're socialized animals," Powers said.

Five of the dogs have already been fostered, she added. If it is a good match, the dogs will be adopted.

Brookings resident Beverly Duncan fostered one of the dogs.

She attended the rescue because "Our love is for animals, and we want to help the voiceless and the helpless, and that's the way to do it andndash; find homes for the ones being put to death and give them a second chance at love and a good home," she said.

Gold Beach resident Suzy Capps attended the rescue to offer her support.

"We've rescued dogs from here before, and just wanted to help make them feel safe," she said.

The rescue was funded by the nonprofit White Kitty Foundation and Oak Tree Animal Hospital, both of Contra Costa County. It was sponsored by Gold Beach Inn, Inn of the Beachcomber, Spinner's Restaurant, Jerry's Rogue Jets and Pennies for Pooches.

Pennies for Pooches rescued the dogs because they were called by the shelter in Contra Costa, which was at its maximum holding capacity, and asked to help.

"If they're going to euthanize, I tell shelters to give us a holler," Powers said.

She said that Friday's rescue was "successful, overwhelming, wonderful (and) a miracle."

"I'm thinking that all of these dogs are going to be in homes, and we're going to do it again," she added.

This is the sixth rescue that the shelter has done.

For more information about adoption, please call 541-247-2514.