The Curry Coastal Pilot

Brookings artist and sculptor Pete Chasar is the Manley Art Center and Gallery's Artist of the Month for July.

As featured artist, Chasar will display several of his large-format, acrylic-on-canvas paintings, as well as a few three-dimensional pieces. He is also scheduled to do a live painting demonstration in the Manley classroom during the Second Saturday Art Walk from 4 to 7 p.m. today (see story below).

Chasar's newest piece on display at the Manley is Slide House, a three-dimensional representation of a small, Frank Lloyd Wright-style house fabricated from 3,000 vintage 35mm slides and other recycled materials.

Walls, chimney, carport column, and planter boxes andndash; all are made from glued-together slides, some lapped together like clapboards, others glued up in stacks. The roof is recycled corrugated kraft paper (cardboard). Only the piece's base is wood.

While most slide images are concealed within the Slide House structure, some slide images are used as windows and doors. These images spring to life when viewers press a switch that turns on interior lighting. All of the viewable slide images are outdoor scenes.

Paintings being shown by Chasar include a series that depicts three of the most scenic beaches in the Brookings area andndash; Lone Ranch, China and Secret.

Most of Chasar's paintings show outdoor scenes. And he refers to his acrylic painting style as "graphic realism." 

"I paint rather flat, and my approach is to include a minimum amount of detail andndash; only what I think is needed to express the essence of a scene," Chasar said.

A few of Chasar's geometric sculptures will also be on display at the Manley Art Center during July.

Prior to moving to Brookings in 1999, Chasar had a 35-year career in advertising and graphic design in New York, New Jersey and Arizona. And he credits that background for his simple, uncluttered style.

In addition to the Manley Art Center, Chasar's art can be seen at Brian Scott Gallery in Brookings, and the Biscuit and Gold Rush galleries in Gold Beach. His work is also often in shows at the Coos Art Museum in Coos Bay and Crescent Harbor Gallery in Crescent City. And one of his triptych paintings was in last year's international ArtPrize competition in Grand Rapids, Mich.