Three chances remain to see a hilarious play that has tickled the funny bones of the audiences.

"The Boardinghouse," presented by Brookings-Harbor Community Theater is a frenzy of silliness and filled with characters who are far from stable. The show is pure entertainment written with one thing in mind: enjoyment.

The story takes place in the living room of the Home Sweet Home Boardinghouse, a lodge said to be the site of a buried treasure. Throw in a few loonies in search of the treasure, and the mayhem begins.

Harriett (Teri McGregor), perhaps the only sane character in the cast, runs the boardinghouse and spends her time either reading a good book, helping the help stay calm or throwing out the body laying on the floor. Tweenie (Shellie Sprague), is the not-too-bright help who cries over everything, especially when encountering strange people. Because of the number of weird people in the house andndash; such as Mr. Richards (Mike Vest), who acts out his killing and dying fantasies to inspire his writing andndash; Tweenie spends a lot of time being scared.

Mr. Richards could very well be inspired just by observing other guests, such as Gladys Klotz (Judie Hanson), a taxidermist with a connection to the spirit world and a possible link to the hidden treasure. It is the chest of riches, hidden somewhere in the basement, that catches the eyes and ears of Dirk Shadow (Bryan Tillung), who tries everything possible to snag the bounty. Meanwhile, his sister Veronica (Mariah Wise) would rather give Dirk his medication in hopes that he will calm down andndash; that is if she can give the medicated tea to him without someone else accidentally sipping it.

And then there is Hortense (Lori Wise), the nurse who tries to keep up with Ivy (Janie Van Woerden), an artist who essentially throws a bone to get people searching for the treasure, with a little help from Martha Willis (Christine Chapman) and Dr. Sni-Fell (Evan Wise).

Will the treasure be found? Is there a treasure? The clues certainly give the seekers something to sink their teeth into.

Bryan Tillung, the actor who plays Dirk Shadow, brought this play to the stage and sponsored it as well. Colleen Harrison is the director. Josiah Wise serves as the light and sound technician and Dori Blodgett is the house manager.

"The Boardinghouse," appropriate for the whole family, will be staged at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, June 29 and 30, at the Harbor Performing Arts Center in the Brookings-Harbor Shopping Center. The final performance will be at 2 p.m. Sunday, July 1.

Tickets are $10 for adults, $9 for seniors and $7 for students and may be purchased at Wright's Custom Framing and Art Supplies in Brookings, New Wave Video in Harbor or at the door. For information or reservations, call the theater at 541-469-4700 or 541-661-2473.