Sheriff's officers, while checking out a Brookings man believed involved in a Port Orford burglary, discovered several truckloads of items believed stolen from homes and businesses throughout Curry County during the past year or so.

"This is a big bust," Sheriff John Bishop said. "This will solve a lot, and it's going back to burglaries eight months ago or more. We know a couple of burglaries eight months ago we found property on."

On Wednesday, deputies were investigating several thefts and burglaries in the north county area.

"Deputies obtained information of a possible location in Brookings of stolen property from the Coos-Curry Electric Co-op in Port Orford," Bishop said.

Officers obtained a search warrant and, with assistance from Brookings Police, served the warrant at 98362 East Cougar Lane, off Mountain Drive, east of Brookings.

"During the execution of the warrant, Richard D. Capella fled from a second story window and attempted to run away," Bishop said.

"Deputies commanded Capella to stop and then attempted to taze him as he jumped over the embankment and into the brush," he said.

Bishop said Capella, 41, was the only occupant in the residence and Brookings Police were requested to respond with their K-9 to help apprehend Capella.

"Approximately one hour later Capella was apprehended and arrested," Bishop said.

He was later taken to the Curry County Jail.

During the search, officers found the laptop computer and a chain saw taken from Coos-Curry. But that's not all they found.

"Yesterday we took two truckloads out and we'll take another or two today," Bishop said Thursday.

"This will solve burglaries all over the county, Brookings, Gold Beach and Port Orford," he said.

Some of the property seized immediately matched up to things missing in several burglaries, others it will take a while.

"I know we've solved burglaries inside the Brookings city limits, outside the Brookings city limits, inside Gold Beach city limits, outside Gold Beach city limits, and in the Langlois and Port Orford areas," Bishop said.

Capella was arraigned Thursday on initial charges and will be charged with other crimes as they are processed and transferred to the District Attorney's Office, the Sheriff said.

Bishop said that arrest came as his office continued working the Port Orford area, where deputies made three arrests last week.

"We're continuing to work more burglaries out there," he said. "We think there could be some connections to the people last week. We're not sure yet. The investigation continues. We're assuming they will link up elsewhere."

The three Port Orford residents arrested last week for a residential burglary appeared in court earlier this week with their court-appointed attorneys. All were denied conditional release from jail.

Ashley Marie Irestone, 19, Christopher Hugh Davis, 33, and Cody Rubin Wilson, 25, were charged with crimes related to a June 2 burglary on Elk River Road, north of Port Orford.

Most of the property stolen from the home was recovered, Bishop said.

Irestone is now charged with first-degree theft and interfering with a police officer. She is to appear in court next on June 25.

Davis, charged with first-degree burglary and two counts of first-degree theft, is to return to court on June 26.

Wilson, charged with first-degree burglary and first-degree theft, is also facing proceedings for violating probation on three previous convictions, including second-degree burglary a year ago. He is to return to court July 10.

Bishop said items hauled away from the Brookings house this week included a washer and dryer, lawnmowers, stereo equipment, television sets, pictures, mirrors, power equipment, wheelbarrows and numerous other items.

"If you have any questions about a burglary you have reported or didn't report but had property stolen in the last six months please contact the Sheriff's office," Bishop said.

Meanwhile, deputies are continuing to work in north county and in cooperation with deputies in Coos County and Bandon police, where numerous other burglaries have been reported.

Whether the sheriff continues burglary investigations this time next year is conditional, Bishop said.

"It depends on who's going to be around," he said, noting that unless the county comes up with more revenue, he could lose most of his department next year. "If I lose everybody, we won't have anyone to follow up. We won't even be reporting the burglaries. Or traffic crashes we had such as those last Sunday. That concerns me."