The Curry Coastal Pilot

PORT ORFORD andndash; Three historic sites in Northern Curry County andndash; Cape Blanco Light Station, Hughes House and Ranch and Port Orford Lifeboat Station andndash;andensp;will be open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Memorial Day, Monday, May 28.

All are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Cape Blanco Light Station, established in 1870, is the most westerly and also the oldest continuously operating lighthouse on the Oregon Coast. There is a small museum there, and visitors may ascend steep, winding stairs to the room at the top, and see the lenses and light at work. Admission is by free, but there is a $2 fee to climb the stairs.

Hughes House and Ranch, built in 1898, is a Victorian farmhouse designed by Pehr Johan Lindberg for prosperous dairyman Patrick Hughes. Admission is by donation.

Port Orford Lifeboat Station, established in 1934, was home to U.S. Coast Guard "surfmen" who, for 35 years, rescued mariners in distress. These surfmen set out in stormy seas in 36-foot, self-righting motor lifeboats, managing to save many lives, at great personal risk. This site has a museum with dozens of exhibits, as well as displaying outdoors the last motor lifeboat. Admission is by donation.

The lifeboat station is within Port Orford Heads State Park, which provides mostly level, easy trails to views of Nellie's Cove, Garrison Lake, Agate Beach, coastal mountains and Cape Blanco Light Station. During their migrations, whales can be seen passing by.

Further information can be found at http://www. capeblancoheritagesociety. com.