Curry County Relay for Life added $3,288 for its annual American Cancer Society fundraiser when more than 100 people gathered to test their knowledge of little-known facts.

A total of 14 teams gathered in the Best Western Beachfront Inn conference center Saturday night in a competition to see which team could answer the most questions correctly.

Winning the event was Surf and Turf. Coming in second place was a team from Barron's Home Furnishings followed by Pelican Bay Arts Association coming in third. Last year's champion, Curry Coastal Pilot, didn't fare as well and came in fourth.

Winning team leader Darryn Ballance said she called the team Surf and Turf, because the team members consist of surfers and gardeners, but the message never got to event organizers.

Nonetheless, Ballance was happy her team won.

"We had a lot of fun and were surprised that we won," Ballance said. "It was stressful being in the lead for so long. We kept waiting for someone to bump us. I guess we knew more about nothing than anyone else in the room that night."

Teams were given seven minutes, more if requested, to answer as many trivia questions correctly on several separate topics, as possible. At the end of the time, scores were tallied and recorded on a score sheet for everyone to see.

"Ron Wheeler was the trivia mastermind," said Rhonda Gardenheir, Curry County Relay for Life chair. He researched all of the topics and organized them for the teams.

Topics ranged from trivia about bubble gum to U.S. presidents. At one point, Wheeler played music and each team had to name the title of the song and who was the artist.

Almost every song was of the country music genre, which brought many groans from team members.

Gardenheir admitted the songs were probably the worst part of the evening. Some felt the same about the space shuttle category.

Before the trivia match began, team members were treated to a spaghetti and salad dinner, which was made by Darlene Wheeler. Garlic bread was prepared by Ron Hedenskog. Food and drinks were donated by Shop Smart in Harbor, Fred Meyer in Brookings, Ray's Food Place in Brookings and Gold Beach and McKay's Market in Gold Beach.

Team members could also purchase raffle tickets for more than 100 prizes donated by many merchants in the community. A total of $1,674 in raffle tickets were purchased within a span of two hours, Gardenheir said.

"The reason we made so much money was because of all the prizes," Gardenheir said. "All the merchants were so generous."

Volunteers who gathered the prizes from merchants were Ricky Mason, Jennifer Romero, and Ron and Darlene Wheeler.

Trivia Night was the second major fundraiser for the 2012 Relay for Life, which will culminate in an all-night relay at the Brookings-Harbor High School track in July. The first fundraiser was a basketball event.

The two fundraisers, plus other smaller events, have garnered $8,174 toward the $65,000 goal, Gardenheir said.

The next event will be from 4 to 9 p.m. Sunday, March 18, at Superfly Martini Bar and Grill, 623 Memory Lane, next to the new Bi-Mart, in Brookings. Relay for Life volunteers will be taking orders, bussing tables and washing dishes for tips which will go into the Relay for Life fund.