Tony and Terri-Lynn Kalhagen of Gold Beach traveled to Ghana, Burkina-Faso, Mali, Malaysia, China and India in 2008 to gather about 30 hours of footage for their most recent films.

At 11 a.m. on Feb. 25 and March 3 at the Redwood Theater, the filmmakers will host the Faces of the World Film Festival to show the films.

Tickets are $8 to $20, depending on how much people want to donate. Proceeds will go toward the Kalhagens' nonprofit: The World Love Foundation.

On Feb. 25 they will show two films: one on Africa and one on Malaysia. The following Saturday, the Kalhagens will show a film on China and one on India.

"They're very much cultural immersion types of films," Tony said. "Basically ... the mission statement of these films is to go in and just experience different cultures that have not been affected by either Western influences or even, at times, influences from their own government.

"The mission statement ... is to really get in and document on film cultures who are not going to be there in a few years."

To gather footage, the Kalhagens backpack around the different countries and spend time with locals. The more remote, the better. And they never hire a tour guide.

"The overall goal is to go to places that don't see tourists," Tony said. "To go to a place where the people are just as curious about you as you are about them."

The Kalhagens spent four to five weeks in each country.

Once they conclude their travel, it usually takes them about a year to edit and complete a film, Tony said.

They decided to show the series in Brookings because not everyone will embark on this type of adventure.

"We want people to be able to experience it without actually having to go there," Tony said.

After the films are shown, there will be a question and answer period. The entire event will last no more than two hours, Tony said

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