Sharon and Doug Usedom work as a team to make English toffee and peppermint bark.

Sharon mixes the ingredients, packages and organizes the candies, and Doug stirs the mix.

"My husband and I, we've become a great team," Sharon said.

This is the Usedoms second year participating in the bazaar.

"It's just a really nice community event," Sharon said. "You see lots of neighbors and friends, and have an opportunity to meet even more people in the community."

The 42nd annual Brookings-Harbor Community Christmas Bazaar is today (Nov. 12) in the Azalea Middle School gym and the Brookings-Harbor High School cafeteria.

More than 100 vendors will be present.

"It's fun; it's a real Americana kind of experience in small town U.S.A.," Sharon said of the bazaar.

Sharon and Doug have made English toffee and peppermint bark for about 30 years.

Sharon made up the recipes herself.

Before retiring, she worked as a teacher. She started making the candies for her students' parents.

"I wanted a gift to give parents who helped me in the classroom," she said. "And that's how the whole thing began."

The Usedoms go to other festivals throughout the year as well.

And they always sell their English toffee and peppermint bark.

"I really enjoy the kitchen," Sharon said. "It's just personally rewarding to be able to create something in the kitchen."