For Heike Domel, crafting is a kind of therapy.

"It's like meditation," Domel said. "Crafting is a way of life. I have to create things. It is important for me to."

She loves to create, and "get in the zone."

Domel makes a variety of items: shopping bags with images of shore birds, crabs and whales' tails; knitted and crocheted scarves; Christmas tree garlands; dyed antique hand-wove linen with applique shapes, embroidery and beadwork; and birdhouses embellished with shells, rocks and beachwood.

Domel will sell all of these items at the 42nd annual Christmas Bazaar from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 12, in the Azalea Middle School gym and the Brookings-Harbor High School cafeteria.

More than 100 artisan and craft booths will be present.

This will be Domel's first year participating in the bazaar.

"I just thought it would be a lovely things to get this kind of exposure, and maybe people will like what I do, and enjoy it," Domel said.

Domel draws her inspiration from the ocean.

"I'm just crazy about the stuff we have around here; the beauty of it all," Domel said. "That's what I focus on."

All of Domel's crafts have evolved and grown.

She started with collecting rocks to border her bird houses. Then she thought "I love birdhouses, so why can't I put shells on them?"

Most recently, she started the dyed linen project.

Domel used to be an interior designer. She said her love of crafts was born from that.

"It's just experimentation," Domel said. "I get an idea, and then I try to figure out how to do it. There's always something that I'm doing."