Slaughter Mall may be much smaller than Rogue Valley, Bayshore or even Pony Village, but its shops a large selection of unique merchandise: chills and thrills.

For the past two nights, the Chetco Pelican Players have had people huddled together in fear as they were guided through the haunted house which takes place inside an empty warehouse that was once West Coast Appliance, at the corner of Highway 101 and East Hoffeldt Lane. Look for the signs surrounding Wacky Tobacconist.

People who have the guts to see the show have three more chances andndash; today Oct. 29, Sunday, Oct. 30, and Halloween night, Monday, Oct. 31. The haunted house opens at 7 p.m. and will remain open until people stop coming, or the tummys of the ghouls are full.

Admission is $8 and includes Witch Queen Claire Willard's Creepy Crawly Chili at the end of the tour.

Visitors will be guided down dark hallways where they will visit AberZombie and Witch, showing the latest in afterlife wear; a graveyard with ghosts flying through the air; a botanical garden of carnivorous plants; a lair full of witches who will entrance those who visit; a meat market; live teenagers; the infamous Vortex Tunnel; flying clowns; a car wreck, where a few victims pass into the afterlife and would like to welcome those who haven't gotten there yet; a bar and grill with live music, dancing and a menu of very fresh meat; and a nursery of surprises.

The haunted house is not recommended for children 10 and younger. Parental discretion is advised for preteens. Parents are welcome to donate their teenage children.