Crowds of people attended the Pelican Bay Arts Association's first

Saturday Night Art Gala in the Azalea Middle School gym during the

Azalea Festival.

The interactive evening of art included opportunities to make a

project, have a portrait sketched by an artist, meet the artists, buy

art and win door prizes. Those attending also received ballots to vote

for the People's Choice awards. One award was given to adults, and

another to student artists. Ribbons were also posted for judged winners.

The gala, which included refreshments, was in addition to the Azalea

Festival art show that takes place at the same venue. The event was

created because, in previous years, people were not able to attend

during the daytime hours, said Cilde Grover, art show chair.

Azalea Festival art show results

People's Choice Award (adult) andndash; "Best Friend," Jim Speas.

People's Choice Award (youth) andndash; "Zanie Zebras," Shawntisha Bailey.

Virginia Manley Award andndash;andensp;"Best Friend," Jim Speas.

Memorial Day Award andndash; "Eagle Eyes," Mureen Walker.

Pioneer Citizen's Award andndash;andensp;"1925 101 Chetco," Mary Bell-Seamons.

Azalea Festival Queen's Award andndash; "Zanie Zebras," Shawntisha Bailey.

Grand Marshal's Award andndash; "Butterfly Mandala," Tom Moody.


Best of Show andndash;andensp;untitled, Abigail Pettinger.

Acrylic andndash; first, "Stacks on a Calm Day," Pauline Holmes; second, "St.

George's Headlands 2," Pauline Holmes; third, "Desert Dawn," Pauline

Holmes; honorable mention, "St George's Headlands 1," Pauline Holmes.

Oil andndash; first, "Winter Wolf," Liz Cook; second, "Best Friend," Liz Cook.

Watercolor andndash; first, "Along the River," Diana Chasar; second, "Coy," Jacque Graves.

Other andndash; first, untitled, Abigail Pettinger.

Photography andndash; first, untitled, John Stoner; second, untitled, Ruth

Stoner; third, untitled, Pamela Stallings; honorable mention, untitled,

Pamela Stallings.

Three-dimensional andndash; first, raffia and pine needle vase, Jill

Maschmeyer; second, "Question," Abigail Pettinger; third, kelp art,

Sherryl Griffin; honorable mention, " Sardine Can," Frank E. Nair.


Best of Show andndash;andensp;"Where Does It Lead?" Dawn Phillips.

Acrylic andndash; first, "Safe Harbor Gulls," Doreen Brown; second, "Glowing

in the Dark," Trudy E. Nair; third, "Ocean Mists," Katrina Parke;

honorable mention, "Journey," Janice Guernsey.

Watercolor andndash; first, "Baby Herons," Doreen Brown; second, "Douglas

Iris," Verna Pooler; third, "Evening Lights," Jill Maschmeyer; honorable

mention, "Brookings Secret Ballets," Barbara Mikell.

Photography andndash; first, "Where Does It Lead?" Dawn Phillips; second,

"Yachting," Patricia Bisgrove; third, "Loeb Park Falls," Verna Pooler;

honorable mention, "Reflecting Dew," Dawn Phillips.

Three-dimensional andndash;andensp;first, "Wave," John Gehl; second, "Sea Tangle

Wreath," Barbra Bond; third, "309 #1, 310 #2, 311 #3," Jane Opiat;

honorable mention, "Tree," John Gehl.


Best of Show andndash;andensp;"Fire and Ice," Diane Price.

Acrylic andndash; first, "1925 101 Chetco," Mary Bell-Seamons; second, "Redwoods in the Light," Bonnie Loewen.

Oil andndash; first, "Seagulls at Harris Beach," Sigrid Riddle; second,

"America," Jedidiah; third, "Contemplation," Bonnie Loewen; honorable

mention, "Lavendar Dune," Karen Berry.

Watercolor andndash; first, "Fire and Ice," Diane Price; second, "Looking

At Past," Diane Price; third, "Kalini," Diane Price; honorable mention,

"What Do You See?" Diane Price.

Other andndash; first, "Solitude," Brenda Stafford; second, "Awakening," Brenda Stafford; third, "The Little Boy," Bobbie Geney.

Photography andndash; first, "Redwood Glen," Warren L. Dowler; second, "On

the Rocks," Charles Jervis; third, "Transient Moment," Josepha

Mochulski; honorable mention, "Bug Eye," Charles Jervis.

Three dimensional andndash; first, "Squatty Frog," Joan Eddy; second, "Leda

and the Swan," Joan Eddy; third, "Tooth Cup," Julie Campbell; honorable

mention, "Garden Set," Julie Campbell.


Best of Show andndash;andensp;"Best Friend," Jim Speas.

Acrylic andndash; first, "Butterfly Mandala," Tom Moody; second, "Drifter,"

Pete Chasar; third, "Home Port, Brookings-Harbor," Tom Moody; honorable

mention, "Blue Fuchsias," Tom Moody.

Oil andndash;andensp;first, "Arch Rock Cove," Brenda Hanin; second, "The Cove,"

Brenda Hanin; thrid, "Climb Up," Kathy Huxley; honorable mention, "Fern

Canyon," Len Burton.

Watercolor andndash;andensp;first, "Best Friend," Jim Speas; second, "Spring Water,"

Jim Speas; third, "Mountain Fantasy," Jay Mosby; honorable mention, "88

Rocket," Dale Wells.

Other andndash;andensp;first, "Twister, Swiss Mountain Dog," Sandy Bonney; second,

"Golden Path," Lynne Parker; third, "Iron Horse," Sandy Bonney;

honorable mention, untitled, Sheryl Tuttle.

Photography, first, "Eagle Eyes," Mureen Walker; second, "Redwood Memoriam," Mureen Walker.

Three-dimensional andndash;andensp;first, "Ancient Melodies," Mary Jane Carlson;

second, "Dicroic Dance," Ruth Stoner; third, "Wisdom Shared," Ruth

Stoner; honorable mention, "Dragonfly Purse," Glenna Kimball.

Elementary school

Best of Show andndash;andensp;"Dragon Fly," Genevieve Martini.

Watercolor andndash;andensp;first, "Dragon Fly," Genevieve Martini; second, "A New

Beginning," Shawntisha Bailey; third, "Be Still," Genevieve Martini;

honorable mention, "Purrfectly Pink" and "Zanie Zebras," Shawntisha


Middle school

Best of Show andndash; "Siena Mae," Siena Worthey.

Acrylicandensp;andndash;andensp;first, "Siena Mae," Siena Worthey; second, "Moon Man's Flowers," Elizabeth Norman.

High school

Best of Show andndash; "Awestruck," Liska Teague.

Acrylic andndash; first, "Ephemeral Reverie," Briana Gutierrez; second,

"Florida Memories," Caitlin Banta; third, "Eye of the Leopard," Samantha

Lugo; honorable mention, "Crocodile," Nick Oliphant.

Other andndash;andensp;first, "Awestruck," Liska Teague; second, "Shattered,"

Cassandra Runyan; third, "Societal Stew," Stacie Osborn; honorable

mention, "Flight of Fantasy," Sarah Ziemer.

Three-dimensional andndash; first, "Lipstick Jungle," Louie Deraita; second,

"Ode to Franz Marc," Samantha Hage; third, "El Reflego," Taylee Stewart.