Marge Woodfin, Pilot staff writer

Azalea Princess Elizabeth Lindley, who requested her name be

published as Liz, confessed that she has been practicing "the bow" and

answering "the question" since she attended her first Azalea Pageant at

age 7.

She said she is excited and looking forward to the opportunity to

actually be a member of the Azalea court preparing for the upcoming


She noted that she is having a wonderful time working with the other

princesses, who have formed close relationships as they prepare for the

upcoming Azalea Scholarship Pageant scheduled for Saturday, May 7, at

Brookings Church of the Nazarene.

"We are all good friends and we get along so well," Liz said. Even choosing outfits, which has been difficult for some court members in the past, was easy for this group. "We had no trouble choosing outfits," she said. "We were at Briane's on the computer, finished in 45 minutes, and went out to have Chinese food."

Liz, a serious student with a 3.398 grade point average, said she enjoys studying for her eight class periods, that include AP (Advanced Placement) English and AP calculus. She has received high performance awards in geometry, English, physical education and biology.

"I love physical science with Mr. Appanaitis," she said. "He's my favorite teacher."

She noted that her plans include an additional 10 years of study, earning a doctorate degree in child and family psychiatry, beginning this fall with a double major at Smith College in Northampton, Mass. Although her current plan is to specialize in children's treatment, she noted, "I want to be able to treat all ages."

Time spent in Alexandria, Va., when her dad, Father Bernie Lindley of St. Timothy's Episcopal Church, was in seminary for a year, convinced her that she wants to live on the East Coast.

After living all of her life in Brookings, Liz said, she enjoyed the experience in a different school, much larger with 1,500 students, and more ethnic diversity.

In spite of her heavy class load and her dedication to her studies, Liz has still been able to find time to participate in Sea Breeze choir, pep band, drama performances, and the swing dance club, as well as volunteering for Relay for Life, youth church programs, Doernbecher Children's Hospital committee, raising funds for Winter Wishes Committee, and washing dishes for 100 campers at Camp Lutherwood, just west of Eugene.

Liz plays a number of instruments, including piano, saxophone and guitar, which she indicated will be used in her talent portion of the pageant.

"I want to do a Christian song with a good piano part," she said.

Family members andndash; including her father, mother Paige, and sister Jennifer, a high school freshman andndash; are all active in her corner helping Liz prepare for the pageant.

Liz said Jennifer is watching closely and taking notes, with an eye on earning a place on the Azalea Court herself in a few years.

Princess Liz indicated that she and her fellow princesses are all working hard under the tutelage of Alice Farmer, Kelly Ryan, Melody Bond, and Rose Gabrielson to make the pageant special for the community, each eyeing the queen's crown.

However, Liz indicates that whether she is destined to be queen or princess, being on the court has been an experience. "Even if we don't win, we have gained something important, branching out socially and being in the public eye," she said with a grin.