Not only did Jessica Gardner and Manny Vasquez get the most cheers

from the audience at the annual Brookings-Harbor High School talent

show, but they also impressed the judges.

The duo performed an original acrobatic dance at Thursday night's competition, resulting in the first-place prize.

Winning the second-place award was Zach Konkel who performed an

original medley on guitar. Roxy Gothard accompanied herself on piano

while singing "Promise" to win third place.

The annual event, organized by the sophomore class, was judged by Cindy Schofield, Josh Bruce, Alice Farmer and Bob Horel, all members of the community.

This year's event had the theme, "Welcome to the Jungle." Students Kayla Webre and Manya Bruce, dressed in safari outfits, introduced the acts and provided entertainment between performances. Much of their entertainment involved telling animal jokes.

In addition, a trio of high school girls spoofed a fashion show between acts.

The evening began with Karen Fairchild, Heidi Moore and Michaela George singing the national anthem.

The talent competition was kicked off with a pair of piano performances, first by John Smith performing "The River Flows Through You" by Yiruma, followed by Mikkaila Ward playing "Leave Out All the Rest" by Linkin Park.

McAlla Murdock made her first appearance of the evening by performing "A Pirate Medley" on violin. Dorothy Shull appeared on stage to sing the Justin Bieber song "Pray," which was followed by Sean Russel presenting an original medley on electric guitar, and the dance by Gardner and Vasquez.

Following intermission, George returned to the stage with Sam Hage to sing share the piano keyboard in performing a medley by Justin Robinett and Michael Henry.

"Starless Night," an original song by Caitlin Banta, was performed on guitar followed by Gothard's performance.

Murdock returned to the stage to sing a duet with Ben Bowers, who played guitar. The duo presented "9 Crimes" by Damien Rice.

Capping the talent competition was Nicky Yuan at the piano playing "Secrets" by One Republic. The final act was presented by Konkel.

While the judges tallied the results, a group of BHHS staff members, calling themselves "Staff Infection," sang the song "All About Boogers."