The Curry Coastal Pilot

The Chetco Pelican Players gathered Saturday night in the Chetco

Playhouse to give accolades to the best actors, actresses and shows of

the theater company's 2010 season.

In addition to the award, known as a Packy, other awards were

presented, film clips were shown and musical numbers provided

entertainment. Of course, it wouldn't be a celebration without food.

The 2010 season was unusual in that three of the five productions

were original. These shows included "Thar She Blows," a melodrama

written by Chetco Pelican Players' board President Mike Moran; "The

Corner Pocket," by Academy Award-winning movie maker and Brookings

resident Elmo Williams; and "Living in Christmas, Living for Love," a

Christmas revue. Other productions were "Opal is a Diamond" and "Bell

Book and Candle." Film clips were shown for the five plays as well as

the annual haunted house.

Top awards were presented to "Thar She Blows," which won Best Overall Technical Production, Best Set Design and Best Costumes. Best Actor in a Leading Role was Sean Paul Farris for his acting in "Thar She Blows" and Best Actress in a Leading Role was Lyn Rogers for her part in "Opal is a Diamond."

This year the Moran Family Award was presented to the Stadelmans. During the season, Tim, Marjorie and Ellen Stadelman were involved in productions. On a lighter note, during the award presentation a prop loaned by the Stadelman family was finally returned.

The Moran Family Award came into existence more than 35 years ago when Mike Moran was involved in theater with his family.

The Steve Stevens Award, given to a person who helps behind the scenes, was presented to Williams. Williams said he considered the award as much an honor as his Oscars.

Steve Stevens was an artist for the state of California in Sacramento. When he retired, he came to the Chetco Pelican Players and asked if he could paint sets. He was known for always working behind the scenes and designing the theater group's logo, a pelican with a top hat..

An award that started as a gag to embarrass Curry Coastal Pilot features editor Bill Schlichting has become and continues to be a serious award given to a person who promotes the Chetco Pelican Players. This year's Bill Schlichting Journalism Excellence Award was presented to Claire Willard, who photographs and videotapes the productions.

A new award presented, perhaps all in fun that may become permanent such as previously mentioned awards, was the Davy Jones Locker Award. The award was presented to Sid the Squid, a prop used during the underwater scene in "Thar She Blows." It was said that Sid could not make it to the awards program because he was turned into calamari.

All youth who were involved in a production during the season were presented a Young Thespian Award.

Musical numbers were presented by Dan Dresser, and Roxy Gothard and RJ Morgan. In addition, Ariel Farris, Gothard, Breanna Moen and Liska Teague presented a laser dance. All musical number were from the Christmas revue.

A skit from "Kitchen Witches" was presented. The play will open the 2011 season on Feb. 11. The season will continue with "A Thousand Clowns"; "Fuddy Meers," a joint project between the Chetco Pelican Players and FoxWell Productions; "Nunsensations"; Alfred Hitchcock's "The 39 Steps"; and the classic Christmas show, "Miracle on 34th Street."

It was announced that during the summer, the Chetco Pelican Players will host an acting workshop for youth.


Best Actor in a Bit Role: Scott Oka

Best Actress in a Bit Role: Ariel Farris

Best Actor in a Character Role: Tommy Jones

Best Actress in a Character Role: Renee Mazyck

Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Mike Vest

Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Susan Brickley

Best Actor in a Leading Role: Sean Paul Farris

Best Actress in a Leading Role: Lyn Rogers

Best Director: Mike Moran

Best Costumes: Bj Farris

Best Set Design: Mike Moran and others.