Marge Woodfin, Pilot staff writer

If you ask Maggie Graham, Bill Peck, the approximately 160 guests, or

any of the models, they'll all say Thursday's Sea View Fashion Show was

an entertaining success.

Graham was the major planner behind the show, Peck was the master of

ceremonies, and the models were: Carol Jennie, Linda Broderson, Judy

Stopley, Lois Ferguson, Theresa Wentzel, Myrlin Chesson, Helen Donahue,

Pat Bisgrove and Kidd Stubb.

The "Dress Up for the Holidays" fashion show, jointly sponsored by

the newly-organized Sea View Residents Council and CC's Clothes for

Cancer, included music by pianist Vivian Titus. The fashions ranged from

a robe and jammies to slinky night-on-the-town styles, in all sizes.

Many of the garments being shown were purchased by those in attendance - some literally right off the backs of the models.

Part of the entertainment portion of the show included hearing a little about the lives of Seaview residents.

In spite of some minor technical difficulties with the sound season, and the challenges faced by the food service in serving such a large crowd, the laughter and applause, plus the "oohs" and "ahs," indicated that everyone was having a good time.

There was some confusion as models worked their way between two separate parts of the dining area, but they were careful to stop at every table where a guest indicated a desire for a closer look.

Theresa Wentzel, of CC's Clothes for Cancer, said she thought it was a great success.

"We sold a number of garments and accessories," she said. Then she laughed and added, "And nobody yelled at us for making too much noise in the dressing room."

The day after the show, Graham worked hard to calculate how much of the proceeds would be made available to the residents' council for future activities and to CC's for aiding those with cancer.

"We cleared about $790 for the council and $240 for CC's," she told the Pilot.

In addition to the enjoyment and entertainment provided by the fashion show, Graham said it was also a wonderful opportunity for residents to get to know more about each other.

"It was an excellent turnout," she said. "And the main thing is, it was a fun event."