Marge Woodfin, Pilot staff writer

Brookings resident Renee Schwartz has produced a video that is one of the six finalists in a "Too Cheap to Advertise" contest that will award $50,000 in flight vouchers to the winner, to be announced on or about July 28.

Schwartz is asking for online votes for her commercial.

"I just checked the voting, and I'm almost in last place. Darn," Schwartz said. "Hopefully enough people will vote to at least keep me off the very bottom. I just don't know enough people or have enough connections, I guess andndash; oh well, it was fun to make anyway."

However, she still holds out hope that enough people will cast votes her way to take her to the top because she really longs to travel.

"I've never had a passport in my life and it would be great to have a reason to get one," she said, wistfully.

According to information from the contest promoters, an expert panel of judges selected the final six ads based on creativity, video quality, and fit to the contest theme.

Schwartz added, "I'm no comedian and I've never made a video before, but I just decided to try to make a commercial on my own."

All of the video was filmed in the Brookings area, including the sand dune area between House Rock and Cape Ferrelo viewpoints in which Schwartz tumbles or almost flies down the dune.

"My daughter, Destiny, filmed the flying down the hill part. I did the rest by myself," Schwartz explained. "For most of the live action parts, I just set up my camera and pushed the button and hoped that I actually made it into the picture. There were tons of do-overs."

"Everyone can vote once a day per e-mail address from July 20 to July 27, so I hope, hope, hope lots of people will vote for me in the little time left."

The address to vote is