Curry County beaches are a lot cleaner this week, thanks to the

efforts of more than 100 volunteers at the SOLV Spring Beach Cleanup on


Volunteers collected 3,660 pounds of trash, including tires, plastic chairs and scrap metal.

In the Brookings area, 97 volunteers gathered 2,605 pounds of trash,

while in Gold Beach 1,055 pounds of beach litter was turned in.

One of the strangest items found on the beach was a spaghetti server, duct-taped to a piece of driftwood.

Brookings-Harbor High School leadership students Brandi Rodgers, 14, and Carmen Hooper, 15, found the odd item.

"We think it's a home made back scratcher," Rodgers said.

Rodgers and Hooper also found heavy-duty fishing line tangled up with various ocean "stuff."

Azalea Middle School students Mikaela Lea, 13, Michaela George, 13, and Mariah Seavello, 13, also joined the hunt for trash, bringing back a half-dozen bags of beach refuse, including a severely rusted fuel canister, underpants, and diapers.

Thirty Eco Club students arrived from Scenic Middle School in Central Point, while another bus brought 24 veterans and assistants from the White City Veteran's Rehabilitation Center.

The volunteers who traveled the farthest were members of the Wezel family, from Switzerland. Dominik, Yvonne, Terence, 8, and Patrick, 11, helped with the cleanup effort at Harris Beach.

The Wezels were on a trip along the coast, and have been in Oregon for about three weeks, Dominik said.

"The best was the last few days," he said.

The SOLV Beach Cleanup is held twice a year, with spring and fall cleanup events.