A dozen acts performed for the annual Brookings-Harbor High School

talent show Thursday night, but in the end it was the duo with an

original song that impressed the judges the most.

Junior Liz Lindley, accompanied on guitar by Senior Mitch Harrison,

sang their original song "Change" to win first place in the annual

contest sponsored by the Sophomore Leadership Class.

Winning second place was Liz Ha, a senior who performed "Concerto

Pour Une Juene Pille" by Richard Clayderman. Ha performed a piano solo.

The panel of judges chose freshman McAlla Murdock, who performed a

Celtic-style violin solo.

Judges for the evening were Jamie Ryan of the Brookings-Harbor School District board, Kevin Bane of KURY Radio, Sarah Callaway of KURY Radio, Susan Bristow of U.S. Bank and Mike Worthy of Brookings-Harbor Physical Therapy.

Serving as masters of ceremonies for the program, titled "Bruins Got Talent," were Jacob McKinney and Karen Fairchild. During the first half of the show, McKinney dressed as a girl named Debbie and Fairchild as a boy named Cameron. In the second half, they were more themselves, presenting short skits before introducing the next act.

Following the presentation of the national anthem andndash; performed by Fairchild, Heidi Moore, Alyssa Baron and Owen Fairchild andndash;the first act was introduced. Colleen Gibson sang "You Belong With Me" by Taylor Swift. She was followed by a dance performance by Autumn Gardner, who stepped to "Stronger" by Daft Punk.

Next on stage, Lhyz Dougherty sang "Little House" by Amanda Seyfried. Her performance, accompanied on guitar by Harrison, was followed by Murdock on violin and Kristina Justason singing "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion.

Capping the first half of the show, Dorothy Shull and Steven Nagel presented a humorous skit.

Following intermission, the band Karkuss andndash; Diondre Runyon, Tristan Taylor, Dylan Kemp and Josh Magnuson andndash; performed a rock instrumental piece. Following the band's performance was Alli Rudis who sang "Bubbly" by Colbie Caillat. Rudis' voice was accompanied on piano by Virginia Riddle, the school vocal music accompanist.

The piano remained on the stage for Ha's performance followed by Amanda Hudson covering a song by Queen, "Somebody to Love," which was accompanied on piano by Riddle.

Ending the talent competition, Shull returned to the stage, this time to sing a cappella her original song titled "Let's Give It A Try." Lindley, who was operating the sound board, then went on stage with Harrison for their original piece.

While the judges tallied their votes, Staff Infection andndash; members of the BHHS staff andndash; performed a parody song about what teachers are supposed to do, but don't.

Every year the sophomore class sponsors the talent show, which is one of many fundraisers for the annual prom. Money gathered from the show will go toward the 2011 prom.