More than 20 Brookings-Harbor High School students in Hannah Young's mixed-grade creative writing class visited Kalmiopsis Elementary School kindergarten classes to spend some time with the younger children and read picture books with them in a one-on-one setting.

If the titles of the books were unfamiliar to the kindergartners, there was a reason: the high school students wrote and illustrated the books themselves.

The visit was part of the high schoolers' final exam grade, but students weren't very stressed as they huddled with the kindergartners, laughing and teasing when they were done with their book, waiting to read to another student.

"Do you have a purple dog," senior Zach Schwarz asked one boy in Tammy Coffey's kindergarten.

"No," the boy shook his head, eyes wide.

"You're sure?" Schwarz sounded shocked. "You don't have a purple dog?"

When they were done with Coffey's class, the high school students

went out the door, jazzed about their experience and remembering what

it was like for them at that age.

"When I was a little kid high schoolers would come in during snack time,' Schwarz said. "It was a lot of fun."

The visit was great for her students, Coffey said.

"They get to see books and pictures older kids have made," she said.

"We're just starting on that kind of thing. They get to see that it's


Sandy and the Sunken Treasure

By Louie Deraita


One day, down in the deep blue sea, there was a starfish named Sandy.

Sandy always dreamed of finding sunken treasure that she could keep forever.

One day, she was walking around on the ocean floor when she spotted a sunken ship. She walked through the door.

What she saw inside was quite a surprise; it was a great big chest that sparked and shined.

Her eyes grew big and her heart skipped a beat. This was really quite a treat!

Sandy picked up the chest and started going home, but little did she know that she was no longer alone.

A friendly fish named Freddie swam up beside her.

"Hey," he said, "whatcha got inside there?"

"It's my treasure," Sandy said. "And it's mine forever."

"You don't share?" Freddie asked with a smile. He looked down at her treasure pile.

"Well andhellip;" Sandy began to say. "I could share, but there's only one way. I will only share these jewels and gems if you, Freddie, will be my new best friend."

"Of course I will!" said a very delighted Freddie.

Then the two new best friends went home all happy and giddy."

Cleo the Crocodile Dentist

By Joey Lefebvre


Cleo the cow was eating and chipped her front tooth!

She cried and cried because she didn't know what to do.

Her best friend Babe the pig told her she should go to the dentist. Cleo said, "No, the dentist is scary and painful."

"What's there to be afraid of? He just makes you feel better, and it's only painful for a few seconds."

"OK, let's go."

On their way to the dentist, they saw a squirrel crying.

"Are you OK?" Babe asks.

"I just got out of the dentist and I'm in pain," he said. "But I guess I wouldn't be in pain if I had brushed my teeth and ate less candy," said the squirrel.

They got to the dentist office and the desk lady says, "A dentist will be right out."

A few moments later Dr. Croc walks out. He asks, "Is there a Cleo here?

She replies, "Yes, please don't hurt me."

"Why would I hurt you? I'm here to help your pain."

Cleo ended up getting her front tooth fixed with no pain involved.


By Brandi Rogers


Today little Tanya was going to go to work with her mom. Her mom worked at the local bakery. Tanya was excited.

The whole entire drive to the baker, Tanya was extremely happy and couldn't wait to help her mom at work.

When they got to the bakery, Tanya could smell all the freshly baked cookies, cakes and pies. Tanya was ready to start baking.

Her mom put on an apron, and gave Tanya one to wear too. When she put it on, a big smile grew across her face. Her apron even had her name on it. She felt special.

Tanya told her mom that she really wanted to make cupcakes. But not just any ordinary cupcakes. She wanted to make extra-triple-chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting, and lots of sprinkles!

Tanya and her mom began baking. As they were mixing the batter, she got some of the chocolatey goo on her apron.


She showed her mom, and she tried to wipe it off. But there was still a smudge. So Tanya's mom went and found her another apron.

All better!

They finished mixing the batter and poured it into the cupcake pan. Tanya opened he oven for her mom, and then set the timer for 25 minutes.

Once the cupcakes were all baked, it was all she could do to not eat one! But she only had to wait a while longer till they were frosted, decorated and ready to eat.

When Tanya and her mom began decorating the cupcakes, that's when the real fun began.

They frosted, and frosted until all the cupcakes were done. But there was something missing. Hmm andhellip; what could it be?


Once she put the sprinkles on, the cupcakes were finally complete!

Now it was time for the best part. Tanya got to eat one of the extra-triple-chocolate cupcakes. It was the most amazing cupcake she had ever had!

Tilly the Turtle

By Emily Bottoms


One beautiful day in the deep blue sea, a young turtle named Tilly lost her way.

She swam for hours enjoying the feeling, but soon enough it became evening.

Lost and alone, and nowhere to go, she swam to a rock and waited below.

Along came Carl, a young helpful crab, willing to take Tilly by the hand.

They looked through the night and all through the day, but still had no luck in finding their way.

Just when they were ready to go ahead and quit, along came Daisy oh so quick.

This little dolphin now led the way. They continued their search throughout the day.

Finally they came to a large coral reef and suddenly Tilly stopped with a great big SCREECH!!!

This is my home, oh thank you so much, now come meet my family, they're quite a bunch.

So Carl and Daisy helped Tilly get home, and so it will be, she's never alone.