Charles Kocher, Pilot staff writer

There's something very cont-egg-ious about a bit of good whimsy.

To spin off the fun of the upcoming Wild Rivers Ducky Derby, where the puns fly fast and furious, the Curry Coastal Pilot asked artists to add their sauce to a special Eggs Benefit by duckerating real duck eggs.

They have laid some real beauties andndash; both visually and verbally.

Nola Range calls her eggcentric arrangements Eggs FloralScene. The very preggnant doll from Lorelei Hanna is named Eggspecting. Jo Mochulski dropped her first egg, but painted the pieces into Eggsplosion. Painted as an out-of-shape globe, Bonnie Loewen mounted her egg over a miniature Whirled Atlas.

The egg's smooth oval is offset by a pyramid case created by Pete

Chasar. Nancy Tuttle made one of hers prickly with rose thorns

carefully glued on. Horst Wolf has storks delivering some of his eggs;

all together, he donated seven duckerated delights. Elmo Williams was

so egg-static about the project, he delivered one egg and came back for

three more.

We should have known how well the Eggs Benefit would be received:

Artists who live and work here have been generous with their time and

talent to support our community. Last year, the Pilot organized the Art

Ducko Auction, where artists played with oversized rubber duckies,

sending them back with personalities such as a biker, Michael Phelps

and an admiral.

The whole clutch of duck eggs in our special nest now totals more

than 40. They've attracted a lot of attention this week at the Chetco

Community Public Library.

What will our eggs benefit? The funds will deliver free newspapers

in area classrooms in a program called Newspapers in Education or NIE.

All of the egg creations will be auctioned at the library gallery this evening during the Brookings Second Saturday Art Walk.

Quackless auction bids for most of the eggs will be taken beginning

at 4 p.m. Oral auction on a special few will begin at 6:20 p.m.,

conducted by Brookings-Harbor School Superintendent Brian Hodge.

Credit for the event goes to Pilot copy editor, Art Walk supporter,

limericks queen and former English teacher Lynn Guild. She found the

blown duck egg vendor online, came up with the Eggs Benefit title, and

has worried over the project like a protective mother hen.

The complete flock of participating artists includes Deborah Bowen,

Pete Chasar, Jeanenne Craft, Billie Ruth Furuichi, Lorelei Hanna,

Richard Hinger, Reena Jones, Claudia Mach, Bonnie Loewen, Jo Mochulski,

Earl Mohr, Christina Olsen, Ann Ostrowski, Janis Parker, Nola Range,

Pat Renner, Lillian Sciulli, Audi Stanton, Destiny Schwartz, Nancy

Tuttle, Dale Wells, Elmo Williams, Horst Wolf, Leslie Wolf and Trude