Molly the Lhasa Apso/ Schnauzer cross, won the Salty Dog Mutt Strut

Best of Show last Sunday, but the South Coast Humane Society (SCHS) was

the real winner.

Salty Dog owners Tim and Pamela Murray organized the event on the

boardwalk at the Port of Brookings Harbor and raised $400 to benefit

the SCHS.

Molly, a soft gray heartstealer, won the cutest and best trick categories and was the clear favorite for best in show.

Another crowd favorite was the stubborn English Bulldog, Maggy.

Maggy, wearing a heavy-duty harness, was dragged around the ring by her

owners, Katelynne and Casey-Ann Shaw. For her lack of effort, Maggy won

the competitive "worst behaved" category.

The largest dog was was Baxter, a 135 pound Great Dane who stood nearly chest-high to his owner, Peggy Stephens.

"He's afraid of kids," said Stephens, while making her way through the crowd.

Baxter isn't done growing yet and the young canine giant is expected to reach an adult weight of 185 pounds, she said.

The Salty Dog started the show as a result of Pamela's experience with dog shelters.

"Where we lived before they killed animals after three days." Pamela said. "We didn't have a no-kill shelter.

The Murrays wanted to support the South Coast Humane Society for all that they do, she said, and help the merchants at the port as well. The Mutt Strut was their answer to both.