It was the bearded lady who won the crown at a freak show competition Tuesday night at Redwood Theater.

The competition was the annual Mr. BHHS pageant, the freak show was a fundraiser for Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland, and the bearded lady was Brookings-Harbor High School senior Jackson "Big Daddy J" DeHaven.

DeHaven was one of five contestants andndash; Jacob "Dubby" McKinney, Tyler "Lucky" Lueckfeld, Eli "Puddin" Bruce and Shadow "Perry Kleespies" Man andndash; in the annual benefit event that spoofs the Azalea Pageant.

DeHaven also was chosen to receive the congeniality award.

Nearly $1,700 was garnered from the event. Money was collected from admission fees and a "dash for cash," which involved the five contestants running around through the audience with collection cans gathering donations. This will be added to the $2,500 already collected in other BHHS fundraisers for the hospital. Helping to make the full donation amount possible was Redwood Theater donating the use of the facility.

Just as in the Azalea Pageant, the Mr. BHHS contest had an opening dance, modeling of clothes, a talent competition and question and answer. In addition, the audience was treated to a video about the hospital and donations from Oregon school students and a brief talk from BHHS senior Jessi Watterson, a former patient at the hospital.

Watterson explained that she was hospitalized when she was 13 for curvature of the spine. She would either need surgery or be confined to a back brace. The surgery involved placing two titanium rods to support her spine. She was hospitalized for 12 days.

Watterson, who is the daughter of Johnie and Kelly Watterson, said she was impressed with the hospital, as it provided a place for her family to stay and the nurses and doctors were friendly.

Entertainment between acts was provided by Dillon Schofield, who rode a unicycle on the stage.

Judges for the event were Alice Farmer, Ken Caylor, Pat Silveria, Rick Green and Cindy Beaman andndash; none of whom came from outside the Brookings-Harbor area.

After the contestants were introduced and performed their opening dance, each modeled freakwear, which included a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle suit, a chicken suit, a bearded lady and Shadow Man dressed in a black cat-burglar outfit with his identity concealed. The eveningwear portion of the program was equally outlandish.

Each contestant showed their talent, or lack thereof, beginning with McKinney showing he can make cookies in an Easy-Bake oven. The chocolate chip cookies were then served to the judges. Lueckfeld demonstrated the rap-like sounds he could make, followed by Bruce performing a dance with his sister Mikaya Bruce. DeHaven also performed a song and dance routine to "Man, I Feel Like a Woman."

The talent portion was topped off with Shadow Man playing the accordion, revealing his identity as Kleespies, then performing a skit involving a cat and dog fighting. Kleespies, however, admitted his real talent is growing hair. Recently, the Kalmiopsis Elementary School teacher had his head shaved if more than $1,000 in donations was collected during a McTeacher's Night at McDonald's, which raised money for a fifth-grade science camp. His hair had grown to about a quarter of an inch by the day of the Mr. BHHS contest.

The event ended with masters of ceremonies Emilee Bottoms and Wesley Grimsley announcing the winner and crowning by Nathan Dodgen, former Mr. BHHS.