The Kalmiopsis Carnival returned and was hailed a phenomenal success by members of the school's Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), planners of the event

Organizers were expecting to break even, but after expenses, the carnival raised about $2,500, Jones said. She said Monday, that not all the receipts had come in yet.

Although the PTO organized the event, the funds will go to the classrooms for supplies, which will be used by the students.

"Every dollar goes back to the school," said Lorie Botnen, PTO board president.

Much to the surprise of the PTO board members, 24,000 tickets were sold during the Friday event, said Sarah Jones, PTO treasurer.

Ticket could be used for games and food at booths throughout the cafeteria, gymnasium, music room, library, a classroom and hallways of the Kalmiopsis Elementary School annex. Each game or food items required a specified number of tickets.

Long lines were at nearly every game booth, which included face painting, hair coloring, basketball toss, football toss, Hula Hoop twirling, balloon animals, a miniature golf course, pie throwing and a cake walk. In most of the rooms, there was little space to move around.

Helping make the event a success were the many volunteers, Jones said. The school's teachers also worked at the event. An indication of how much the parents volunteered was in the 100 cakes that were donated for the cake walk, Jones said.

Cotton candy, Elephant Ears, pizza, kabobs and refreshments were sold in the cafeteria.

"We wanted to have an affordable, fun event for families and kids," Jones said.

The Kalmiopsis Carnival was an annual event but came to a stop in 2003. At the beginning of the 2008-09 school year, the PTO board discussed ways to bring money to the schools. In January, the carnival was given the go-ahead for planning, Jones said. No one on the board was a veteran planner of the carnival, but a couple of members remember the event when they were in school and this helped give ideas.