Turi Lundquists fifth grade class at Azalea Middle School planted about 300 marigolds at Azalea Park Wednesday afternoon.

The students had planted flowers at the park earlier in the year as part of a science unit on greenhouses, but the plants were eaten by slugs and snails.

The Azalea Park Foundation felt bad for the students and decided to replace the flowers, said Lorraine Williams, a member of the foundation.

The foundation bought 1,500 marigolds from Fred Meyer. Fred Meyer sold the flowers to the foundation at cost, Williams said.

The students were assisted in the planting by Elmo Williams, foundation president and foundation members Lorraine Williams, Betty Waite and volunteer Greg Shinn.

Elmo Williams said that the remaining 1,200 marigolds were planted on Thursday by foundation members and community volunteers.

Snail and slug bait was put out on Thursday night around the bushes where the snails and slugs hide, Williams said.

The plants at the park are tended by Shinn.