A $3.7 million budget adopted by the Port of Brookings Harbor Port Commission this week includes funding for the start of a number of projects.

Russ Crabtree, port executive director, said the budget will be partially financed by $600,000 carried over from this fiscal year.

These are some of the capital projects in the budget as outlined by Crabtree:

Extension of the handicap fishing pier, $21,000. Although it was recently extended, there are times when it is congested. Eventually, the port wants to extend the pier the length of the blacktop.

Improve the recreational vehicle park at Sporthaven Beach. The budget shows improvements of $132,000 to include bringing sewer service to the front row, and improving electrical service on the back row.

Improve the boat storage yard, $10,000.

Final design and engineering of the all-events center, $175,000. The port hopes to obtain funding to build the center on property near the United Parcel building on Lower Harbor Road.

The budget includes $250,000 of the ports expected share in solving the surge problem in the harbor. Several options are under study by the Army Corps of Engineers. The tidal surges can cause extensive damage to docks and other port facilities. The port wants to solve the problem because its new docks can be damaged.

Funds have been included to purchase aerators. The $26,000 in aerators would eliminate the algae problem that plagues the sports and commercial basins. The Army engineers studied the problem, and recommended purchase of the aerators. Crabtree said they are to be installed by the port after they have completed installation of the sports basin docks.

Also in the budget is $35,000 to be used to market the port district. It would include selective advertising, Crabtree said.

In other action during Tuesdays monthly meeting of the port commission, the port received a report from Klinefelder Inc. on the geological make-up of a site at the port that may be leased for the construction of a motel. Crabtree said the findings indicated what we already knew. The motel would have to be constructed with pilings. That increases the cost of construction, but the port has the ability to drive pilings anywhere, he said.

The tests were made on property that sits in back of the campground, and in the vicinity of the Chetco River.

The commissioners also approved a $500 contribution to the Vietnam Veterans, who are raising money to conduct this years fireworks celebration at the port.

The commissioners also authorized K.W. Armstrong to serve as a legislative advocate for the port in Salem to assist in efforts obtain state participation for paying for the beach erosion project of a couple years ago.

When the ocean was cutting into the frontage road at Sporthaven Beach, threatening the recreational vehicle park and the port itself, state parks said it had no money to help. Crabtree obtained a $330,000 loan from the state economic development. It paid part of the cost.

Since the beach belongs to the state, and is under the control of state parks, he asked that the agency help with the cost. It now appears the port will have to go to the next legislature and ask for a special appropriation, Crabtree said.

More than $1 million was spent to solve the erosion problem. The Army engineers repaired the jetty, and a rock barrier was built under the beach sand. A new frontage road was constructed.