GOLD BEACH Gold Beach resident John G. Sutton, 73, was charged with murder and attempted murder in Tuscon, Ariz, deputies said.

Sutton was apprehended in Tucson shortly after allegedly shooting Ruth Ann Sutton, 41, his ex-daughter-in-law of nine years at her home in Tucson, said Detective Dave Gardiner of the Curry County Sheriffs Department.

Ruth Ann Sutton was shot in the side of the head by John Sutton with a handgun in the early morning hours of June 19, Gardiner said. She was pronounced brain dead on June 19, taken off life support on June 21 and died in Tucson June 23, Gardiner said.

John Sutton also shot Ruth Suttons boyfriend in one of his legs. He came out of the house and saw Sutton standing over Ruth Anns body, Gardiner said. He went back into the house, grabbed the phone and dialed 9-1-1, Gardiner said.

Sutton ran and the boyfriend gave chase, Gardiner said. At some point, Sutton and the boyfriend made eye contact and he recognized him as Ruth Ann Suttons ex-father-in-law, Gardiner said. Sutton then shot him in one of his legs, Gardiner said.

Officers from the Tucson Police Department apprehended Sutton a short time later, Gardiner said. They found his vehicle, which was parked about one and a half miles from Ruth Suttons home, Gardiner said.

The vehicle contained the rest of the running suit that John Sutton was wearing and ammunition, Gardiner said.

The Curry County Sheriffs ffice was contacted on June 22 and a search warrant was served on Suttons Gold Beach residence on June 24, Gardiner said.

Paperwork, medical and financial records were taken from the residence, Gardiner said.

It is unknown what motive Sutton had for the murder, Gardiner said.

Sutton was retired. He did bookkeeping for a couple of businesses in Gold Beach and also brokered used automobiles, Gardiner said. He had been in Gold Beach for 10 to 12 years, Gardiner said.

He stood to gain nothing personally, Gardiner said.

Ruth Suttons ex-husband, William Richard Sutton, his brother James Paul Sutton and her 12-year-old son were notified of her death. They were in Hawaii at the time of the shootings, Gardiner said.

Sutton will be arraigned on Friday, Gardiner said.