Heather Cavaness, who delighted Brookings-Harbor theater-goers with the variety show she produced as a fundraiser for Chiari Syndrome, had surgery last week for that disease.

In spite of several set-backs, her attitude is still pretty good, her father, Gary Cavaness said Tuesday.

Her surgery, which turned out to be a bit more extensive than first expected, seemed to go well.

However, she had a strong allergic reaction to the morphine adminstered for pain relief.

An immediate change of pain medication relieved the discomfort and swelling, he said.

Then, complication caused additional surgery to be performed. Fluid in her spine and chest required installation of a shunt.

In spite of it all, she apparently bounced back, and was headed home Monday.

When her mother, Diane Cavaness, and her other mother, Sandy Harper discovered the surgery was draining, they immediately returned to Portland with their recovering patient.

Gary Cavaness said additional unscheduled surgery was to be squeezed in at the hospital Tuesday.

He had not had news of the results by the time The Pilot went to press.

He said Heather wanted all of her friends to know she is so touched and thankful to live in Brookings where people love her.