GOLD BEACH Losers outspent winners in the May 16 primary race for county commissioners seats, with incumbents Bill Roberts and Lloyd Olds spending least of all among candidates in contested campaigns.

Elections Office records show that Port Orford City Councilor Nathaniel Wander spent the most of all in his losing bid for the Democratic nomination for Olds seat.

Wander lost the election by 104 votes. He spent $5,900 on newspaper ads, literature, postage, and the voters pamphlet. He also spent $758 in payments on a $1,000 loan.

Wander raised $5,686 in contributions. Motel owner David Snazuk was his top contributor. Snazuk gave Wander $650 in free lodging so that he could campaign door-to-door outside of Port Orford.

Wander received cash donations of $300 from Randy and Deborah Mound of Thousand Oaks, Calif., and $250 from Bradford and Stephanie Wander of Oldsmer, Fla.

He also received $200 from Portland physicians Neal Rondelman and Adrianne Feldstein, and $200 from Cynthia Jacobi, a nurse, and Gary Lahman, a medical technician, both of Newport.

The rest of the cash donations were in amounts of $100 or less. Wanders campaign ended with a zero balance.

His victorious opponent, incumbent Lloyd Olds, spent $2,387 on signs, posters, newspaper ads and the voters pamphlet.

Olds, however, only raised $700, so most of what he spent was his own money. Chuck Therrien of Harbor contributed $300, and Abel and Swank of Coos Bay, the countys insurance agents, contributed $200.

Olds was the only candidate to not list totals for the entire campaign, as required by the Elections Office.

He also listed expenses as zero, but accounted for them under the personal expenditures column. His campaign shows a final balance of $429.

Gold Beach Mayor Marlyn Schafer ran unopposed for the Republican nomination for Olds seat.

She spent $1,184, mostly on signs and the voters pamphlet. She raised $1,736, with $936 coming from a loan. Her leading contributor was former publisher Bob Van Leer, who donated $250.

Schafers campaign ended the primary campaign with a deficit of $384.

Commissioner Bill Roberts spent $2,911 on newspaper ads, literature, postage, signs, buttons and the voters pamphlet.

He raised $3,477, partly by taking out an $1,100 loan. Combined with unreimbursed personal expenditures of $1,791, Roberts campaign is running a deficit of $2,324.

Roberts wife was his top contributor, with $300. Like Olds, he also received $300 from Therrien and $200 from Abel and Swank.

Roberts Republican challenger, Don Tilton, was in better shape financially, but lost by 29 votes.

Tilton spent $4,292 on newspaper and radio ads, literature, signs, buttons and the voters pamphlet.

Tilton raised $4,392, but $2,199 of that was his own money. His largest cash contributors were builder John Zia with $300 and Portside RV Park with $200.

In-kind contributions included $200 from motel manager Peter Spratt and $156 from Woods Computer Outlet.

Tiltons campaign ended with $100 in cash, but unreimbursed personal expenditures left it with a deficit of $639.

In the Democratic race for Roberts seat, the unsuccessful candidate, former county commissioner Peg Reagan, barely outspent Lucie La Bonte, assistant manager of the Port of Gold Beach.

Reagan spent $5,197 on newspaper ads, postage, a dinner meeting, labels, signs, literature and the voters pamphlet.

Excess funds of $424 were donated to Reagans Conservation Leaders Network, leaving her campaign with a zero balance.

She raised $5,196, with her largest contributor, John Lighty of Agness, donating $408 in-kind.

Gold Beach rancher Steve Donnelly contributed $200, Citizen Action by Public Employees, from Salem, contributed $250, and Olive Wooldridge of Gold Beach, $200.

Educator Linda Baccei of Stow, Mass., contributed $200, as did attorney Marcia OBrien of Englewood, Colo. and Evelyn Reagan of Nipomo, Calif. Gold Beach tree planter Stephen Williams contributed $250.

La Bonte defeated Reagan by 299 votes. She spent $4,648 on newspaper and radio ads, copies, bumper strips, posters and buttons.

She raised $5,010. Her largest contributor was Kathryn La Bonte of Bay Head, Wis. with $1,000. South Coast Lumber contributed $230 in-kind.

Virginia Byrtus, Alan Bergstedt and Bob McKenna, all of the Brookings area, contributed $200 each. The balance was in contributions of $100 or less.

La Bontes campaign ended with a balance of $372.