PORT TOWNSEND, Wash. Robert Henry Froehlich, 27, formerly of Gold Beach, who implicated himself in a 1992 Washington murder is now serving 51 days in Jefferson County, Wash., jail on probation violations for second-degree burglary, deputies said.

Froehlich was staying with his brother in Gold Beach when he contacted the Curry County Sheriffs Department on July 4 to report his involvement in a 1992 homicide in Quilcene, Wash., deputies said.

Allison Tornensis, the murder victim, was 15 years old in 1992. She lived with her mother in Quilcene and was a friend of Froelichs, said Jefferson County Sheriff Pete Piccinni.

Tornensis mother, Myra Tornensis reported her daughter missing on July 25, 1992. Her body was found in the Little Quilcene River on Aug. 1, 1992, Piccinni said.

Tornensis had been stabbed 13 times and dumped in the river, Piccinni said.

There were no suspects at the time, Piccinni said.

The sheriffs department worked through a large suspect list. The town numbered 450 in population at that time and almost everyone was a suspect, Piccinni said.

About six years ago, Froehlich took a polygraph test, which proved inconclusive, Piccinni said. He implicated other people in the murder, said Piccinni.

The case remained open, but it was a difficult case to solve, said Piccinni.

The case was hampered by having no physical evidence except the body, said Piccinni.

At the time of the murder, Piccinni was a deputy in the sheriffs department and assisted with the case.

Piccinni said the case appeared on the television show Americas Most Wanted in 1995.

He said that the department had a lot more hope when Froehlich first arrived than it does now.

Froehlichs story is full of inconsistencies and a lot of what he is saying is not being proved out or making sense, Piccinni said.

If he was the killer, I dont have the evidence to convict him at this time, Piccinni said.

Froehlich will serve his 51 days in Jefferson County and will then be transferred to Missoula, Mont., where he will go to court on his probation violations, Piccinni said.

Sheriff Piccinni said the department still has a lot of people to talk to and is still investigating this.

We will solve it. The right person will step forward, Sheriff Piccinni said.