It appears Brookings-Harbor School District students improved their performance on statewide standardized tests given this year.

Tim Adsit, curriculum director, said partial results from the testing were posted on the state schools office web site. He said there is not enough information to make a final analysis, but it appears the students showed improvement.

He said the district in most instances compared favorably with other students in the state. But, he said, even with the favorable comparison, there is the need for improvement on the part of the district and the state.

The final information needed to make a complete analysis is not expected until the end of August, he said.

The analysis will be presented to the school board, maybe in early September, he said.

Adsit said the district has been concerned about the test scores, and has initiated a number of programs that should enhance the performance. They range from giving practice tests, to remedial instruction after school.

The standardized tests were given to third, fifth, eighth and 10th graders beginning in about January and extending into May, he said.

The results:

Writing Of the third graders at Kalmiopsis and Upper Chetco schools, 93 percent met standards. Statewide, 86 percent met standards. Of Azalea Middle School fifth graders, 89 percent met standards compared with 66 percent statewide. Of the Azalea Middle School eighth graders,

83 percent met standards while 66 percent achieved standard statewide.

Math problem solving Only 52 percent of fifth graders met standard compared to 64 percent statewide. Eighth graders exceeded the state with 66 percent meeting standard. Statewide, 55 percent achieved standard. Obviously, Adsit said, improvement is needed.

Reading Eighty eight percent of third graders met standard, as did 82 percent statewide. Fifth graders scored about the same as others in the state, with 72 percent meeting standard. Of the eighth graders, 68 percent met standard as compared to 63 percent statewide. Of the 10th graders at the high school, 58 percent did not meet standard as compared to 60 percent statewide.

Math Of the third graders, 85 percent met standard compared to 75 percent statewide. Of the fifth graders, 58 percent met standard compared to 70 percent statewide. Eighth graders did better, with 75 percent meeting standard compared to 56 percent statewide. Tenth graders scored poorly with only 47 percent meeting standard compared to 51 percent statewide.