After months of deliberations, the Brookings-Harbor School Board is expected Monday, 7 p.m., to decide key building program questions.

Dr. Paul Prevenas, district superintendent, said the board is expected to determine the amount of the building program, and whether to use dome or conventional construction.

The decisions are expected to be made after the school board receives a report from the districts architects on costs of alternative building programs developed by a citizens committee that worked for a year.

Architects Richard Bryant and Harriet Cherry were retained by the district for $35,000 to determine the costs of construction and to shape a building program to be presented to the voters in November.

Dr. Prevenas described Monday as the time the board will be expected to make fish or cut bait decisions. He said the board has reached the point it must make a decision based on the information that has been developed.

The citizens committee recommended a building program that utilized domes for major buildings, including gyms at the high school and Kalmiopsis Elementary, It also recommended two alternate plans using conventional construction.

The committee favored the dome program because it believed it would cost less. That finding was not sustained by the architects, who favored conventional construction. The methods used by the architects to reach their conclusion concerned some of the bond committee members. Several said in a letter to the district they had lost confidence. A closed meeting was held between representatives and the architects last week.

To put the matter to the voters in November, the school board must act no later than Aug. 29 on a ballot title. The decisions Monday would be needed to prepare for the final bond decision, Prevenas said.

Just deciding the amount of the bond could be a big question for the board. Voters have rejected $19 million and $25 million proposals by big margins. There have been tentative discussions on an amount that might be acceptable to the voters. The amounts mentioned have been as much as $19 million, but others have expressed concern about asking for another large issue.

The meeting will be held in the library at Azalea Middle School.