Frank Dixon, a 20-month-old boy, wandered away from his parents home on Mountain Drive in a rugged area and was rescued by two Brookings teenagers.

He was reported missing by his mother, Lubov Dixon, who called the sheriffs office after she was unable to find her son or Arnie, their 3-year-old German shepherd dog, deputies said.

Sheriffs deputy Walter Scherbarth responded to the Dixons residence. Deputy Scherbarth was contacted by neighbor Gary Fettig who said he had heard Franks mother calling for him and she sounded distressed.

Deputy Scherbarth informed the neighbors of the missing child while Gina Fettig contacted Brandon and Nik Whirrey.

Brandon, 16, and Nik, 14, took their Suzuki 320 two wheeler and started searching the surrounding areas.

They couldnt find him and went to the Dixon home where a sheriffs deputy told them to keep searching, Brandon said.

They went back out on the bike and continued looking on the roads surrounding the Dixon home.

The roads are steep and had to be traversed by foot or ATV.

They found Frank in a field at the end of one of the roads. Brandon estimates that Frank was about three-quarters of a mile from the Dixon home.

Brandon said Arnie was protective of Frank so he approached the dog first and pet him on the head. He then approached Frank and took him back up the hill on the ATV.

Sheriffs deputies said Frank was missing for about two hours.

His mother was very happy to see her son, Brandon said.