The Brookings-Harbor School District is prepared for the resumption of classes on the day after Labor Day.

Dr. Paul Prevenas, district superintendent, said a full staff has been hired for the new school year. Registrations have been scheduled.

The annual breakfast to welcome new school teachers to the district is scheduled Tuesday, Aug. 29, at 7 a.m. in the high school cafeteria.

The new staff members are given baskets of items donated by community businesses. The free breakfast, open to the public, is organized by the Brookings-Harbor Chamber of Commerce, and sponsored by businesses.

The food is prepared by Melody Gossard and the cafeteria staff.

Although the superintendent has been busy preparing for the new year, he is still unable to predict how many students will be there on opening day. He said despite a kindergarten roundup, and early registrations, there are always enrollment surprises when classes begin.

There are indications the district will have about the same number of students, 1,845. Figuring there are 50 or 60 students attending Christian school, that means about 1,900 children going to school. This fits historically. However, enrollment is down a little.

With the districts proposed building program (See story, Page 3A) the district is building for children who are already in school, and not for growth, Dr. Prevenas said.

The superintendent said a special issue of the school newsletter will be published as a supplement to next Saturdays issue of The Pilot. He said much of the information of interest to parents and students will appear in the newsletter.

Those concerned about what supplies they will need for the new school year can check with their store. He said everyone who sells school supplies has been given a list.

The elementary school supply list will appear as part of the newsletter.

High school students will hold registration during the week of Aug. 22. The juniors and seniors will register Tuesday, Aug. 22, and the freshmen and sophomores on the following day. Students new to the district will register on Aug. 24.

At Azalea Middle School, fifth and eighth graders will register on Aug. 22, while sixth and seventh graders are to register on Aug. 23. All new students will register Aug. 24.

No registration is necessary at Kalmiopsis Elementary School. Dr. Prevenas said students new to the school should check in at the school office during the week of Aug. 22. He said the office is staffed, so if a new student could be accommodated even earlier. It is important the district have time to request the new students records from his previous school.

Class lists for all students have been posted at the school, he said.

Among the last faculty members to be hired were Nicki Van Noort, a guidance counselor at Azalea Middle School, and Domaris McMahon, a math and science teacher at the high school. VanNoort is an experienced middle school teacher who recently obtained certification to serve as a counselor. Dr. Prevenas said that is an ideal background.