Jasmine needs a nice home.

The pot-belly pig is losing his home in back of the Hog Wild Restaurant on Highway 101 in Harbor.

Kathy Salander said she is closing the restaurant next week because of her declining health. She is suffering from cancer, and must relocate to Medford for several weeks to undergo radiation treatments.

She has tried without success to find a buyer for the business, nor has she been able to find a chef who can take her place. The restaurant continues on the market for $59,500.

The restaurant specializes in bistro-type food with a unique menu. The baked items are of special interest to her customers.

Salander, who formerly directed food services at Flying Gull restaurant, bought Hog Wild four and a half years ago. She retained the menu that made it different and popular.

With the purchase, she acquired Jasmine, who lives in a little pen at the side of the restaurant. Customers enjoyed taking their leftovers outside and feeding them to Jasmine.

He ate too much, and gained weight. Salander had cooperation when she asked that Jasmines diet be restricted to carrots or non-fattening foods. Thanks to losing 35 to 40 pounds, Jasmine now can look forward to a life span of 15 to 20 years.

Intelligent, Jasmine responds when her name is called. She comes out of her igloo house to greet visitors, and indicates her disapproval if no snack is offered.

Salander said she is looking for a place that Jasmine can happily live out her life. Anyone interested in providing a home under those conditions can reach Salander at (541) 469-8869.

His little igloo house and pen are part of the deal.