The design of a proposed $2 million all-events center was approved Tuesday by the Brookings-Harbor Port Commission.

The funding for the building remained a question, as commissioners directed Russ Crabtree, port executive director, to arrange a meeting with the city of Brookings, county commission and the Brookings-Harbor Chamber of Commerce.

They will be asked to participate in paying the cost of the building. An analysis made by consultant Shannon Davis of the Research Group indicates the port will need $75,000 to $200,000 a year to meet operation and building construction costs. This was after deducting what might be realized in grants to build the building. He said the community participation would probably be at least 25 percent.

Generally, funding sources are not likely to support an endeavor when the community is unwilling to make a substantial commitment to the projects support and success, Davis said.

The building is proposed for property on Lower Harbor Road, adjacent to the United Parcel Service terminal. The plan includes a performing arts center that could be built as a second phase.

If no partnerships are found to help pay for the building, Crabtree said that with slight modification, the plans can be changed to accommodate another commercial complex.

The port commission made it clear that it would not attempt to use additional property taxes to pay for the project.

Some of the people at the port meeting questioned the cost of the 12,210-square-foot building. Crabtree said the $200 a square foot seemed high, but not when considering it includes the furniture and all equipment.

The proposed building is somewhat similar to the ports commercial complex. It was designed by Crow-Clay and Associates. The proposed building was designed by Richard Turi. He showed exterior and interior designs. He was the architect for the Chetco Community Public Library, and the Parkview Center.