Curry County Commissioner Lloyd Olds said Tuesday that he was at space 6 in Sunshine Cove Mobile Home Park by mistake when the incident with his gun occurred.

The incident in which Olds has admitted drawing a gun on Charles David, is being investigated.

Olds has consistently claimed that he drew the weapon in self defense.

He said he was delivering notices for the Curry County Treasurers office, and was at what was about the ninth address on his list when the altercation took place.

Evidence submitted to The Pilot shows that no taxes are due on space 6. Olds said the list was incorrect and the space number should have been 62.

According to Olds, it was purely coincidental that space #6 is the home of a friend of Davids.

Olds said David lives on Mountain Drive and followed him to the mobile home park.

The resident of space 6 wrote a letter intimating the problems between Olds and David stem from earlier problems between David and Larry Olds, the commissioners brother.

Commissioner Olds said his brother is in Nevada, and he will discuss it with him when he returns to Brookings.

Curry County Treasurer Patty Ingersoll was out of town and unavailable for comment Tuesday, but someone in that office, who refused to be identified, verified that the commissioner was delivering notices for them and that space 6 on the list should have been space 62.

The commissioners gun has been confiscated temporarily until a decision is made whether the investigation indicates it is appropriate to file charges.

Peter Cogswell of the Oregon Attorney Generals office said Tuesday that the case has been referred to the attorney general.

Cogswell said the case is being reviewed. If further follow-up is required, we will do that follow-up. If not, a decision will be made based on the evidence at hand whether prosecution is warranted.

He said he is unable to predict with any certainty how long that will take. Id say, about a month.