GOLD BEACH The man accused of raping and beating a 79-year-old Brookings woman on Dec. 11 was sentenced Wednesday to serve 30 years.

Troy Allen Draper, 34, pleaded guilty to attempted murder, first-degree assault, first-degree arson and first-degree robbery.

Judge Richard Mickelson sentenced Draper under Measure 11, which provides for mandatory minimum sentences.

Draper unlocked the back door of the victims home on Dec. 11, beat and raped her, stole items from her home and attempted to burn it down without success. He then stole the victims white Toyota, police said.

He was caught in Baker City where he had driven the victims car. He was identified after a drawing of the rapist was published in The Pilot.

The arrest came after Draper called the mission to inquire about a friend. The mission phoned the Brookings police, who immediately notified the Baker City police.

Draper was represented by court-appointed attorney Margaret Davidson.

One of the reasons for the plea is because the victim didnt want to go to court, said Detective John Bishop.

He said the plea was discussed among the family members and they were happy with it.

He added that the victim is doing OK now, and is in Brookings off and on.

Draper is currently lodged in the Curry County Jail. He will be taken to an intake center in Oregon City where he will be assigned to a correctional facility in Oregon.