CRESCENT CITY Cancellation of a direct commuter flight between Crescent City and San Francisco this month leaves one flight per day in each direction.

Dan Brattain of Westlog Aviation, said the flights were canceled because, San Francisco mandated cuts in take-offs and departures.

He added, San Francisco is a real bottle neck.

The one remaining direct flight from Crescent City to San Francisco has a 10 a.m. departure schedule, and the San Francisco to Crescent City flight is scheduled to depart the bay area at 4 p.m., seven days per week.

Round trip air fare is $155, while a one-way ticket is $175, according to reservations personnel.

Curry, Del Norte and Jackson counties are working together to encourage commuter flights between Crescent City and Medford, to link coastal resident to flights available from the inland city.

Sky West flies from Arcata to Portland and there are nonstop flights from Medford to L.A., Brattain said.

Brattain, as chairman of the Del Norte Airport Commission, has been involved in the ongoing effort to improve airline traffic to the coast.

County commissioners from Curry and Jackson counties and county supervisors from Del Norte have all signed a resolution requesting the service.

There will be U.S. congressional delegates in Medford Sept. 27, meeting with representatives from the three counties, said Les cohen, Brookings-Harbor Chamber of Commerce executive director, who has also been involved in the pursuit of airline connections.

Cohen indicated it is a big deal, apparently with interest from federal agencies.

It involves three counties, two states and two FAA (Federal Aviation Agency) districts, he said.