Brookings City Councilor Keith Pepper on Monday publically accused council candidates Fred Hummel and Don and Victoria Nuss of lying to the community and spreading misinformation.

Pepper was referring specifically to campaign material all three have been distributing to voters in Brookings.

They contain lies, innuendo, unsubstantiated and unfounded allegations and personal attacks on the integrity and honesty of myself and other members of this council, Pepper said at Mondays city council meeting.

These are mean-spirited attempts to demean the hard work not only of this council, but city staff and other organizations that serve this community, Pepper said.

If Fred, Don and Vikki have the honesty and integrity that they claim, then they would not have printed this misinformation.

I call on this community to tell Fred Hummel, Don Nuss and Victoria Nuss that we do not approve of their negative campaign.

I call on Fred Hummel, Don Nuss and Victoria Nuss to apologize to the council and the community for their lies and disinformation.

I challenge them to run the rest of their campaign based on their proposals for the improvement of this community, not based on bogus and unfounded claims or personal attacks that have nothing to do with issues facing this fine city.

And finally, I implore the other candidates to not allow this campaign to continue in the manner initiated by Fred, Don and Vikki.

This community does not need officials who run for office or are elected because they have personal axes to grind.

Pepper had asked to speak last at Mondays council meeting. By the time he began to speak, Fred Hummel and Don Nuss both of whom had spoken earlier had left the council chambers.

Im disappointed that Fred and Don left, and disappointed that Vikki did not attend tonights meeting, Pepper said.

Mayoral candidate Victoria Nuss said Tuesday she heard Peppers comments while watching the city council meeting on television.

Mr. Pepper is entitled to his opinion, she said. I just dont think the city council meeting was the right forum for him to comment. I was very pleased that Mayor Hagbom stressed the fact that the comments were Keiths opinion alone.

Candidate Don Nuss said he had no comment.

When told of Peppers comment on Tuesday, Fred Hummel said, I wont dignify Keiths comments with an answer. If he has something to debate, we can do that, hopefully in a public forum.

Pepper said he was making the comments at Mondays meeting because he will be away on vacation for most of October.

I feel this is the only opportunity I have to speak out about the direction that the council and mayoral campaign may be heading, he said during the meeting.

My thoughts may be unpopular with the candidates, but I have a right to speak about what I see happening especially if it affects the health and stability of this city.

Pepper was named Brookings Volunteer of the Year in 1997 for his work in the development of Natures Coastal Holiday.

He was appointed to Council Position No. 1 on Feb. 9, 1998, replacing Julie Cartwright, who resigned following the death of her husband, Neil.

To quell recent rumors over why he decided not to run for re-election, Pepper said Monday that he has taken a position as a supervising attorney for Marin County District Attorneys office, which requires me to be out of the area for extended periods of time.

Pepper said he will maintain his residence here and continue to work with members of the board of the Holiday Light Festival. He will also continue to vote as an Oregon resident.