City officials are planning to change the way some things are done in its building department to make things easier for residents.

The changes, to be implemented Oct. 16, will make the department more accessible to the public and cost efficient to the city, said City Manager Leroy Blodgett.

One of the first changes is that City Building Inspector Laura Lee Gray will require 24-hour notice for inspections.

The 24-hour notice will allow the building inspector to schedule her day more efficiently, Blodgett said.

As it is now, she responds to calls for inspections as they are received.

Also, a street address must be provided when requesting an inspection, he said.

In addition, there will be set office hours for the building department.

Having consistent hours will make things much easier for contractors and for the building inspector, he said. Laura Lee will contact local contractors to see what hours would be best for them.

Blodgett said the State of Oregon has adopted a Plan Review Check List and now requires all building inspectors to use this check list.

This minor change will make all departments consistent, he said.

Blodgett added, The State of Oregon Building Codes Division provides building valuation data to be used to establish permit fees.

The City of Brookings is currently using the valuation data that was compiled in 1994. Most other jurisdictions, including Curry County, are using data compiled in 2000.

As of October 15, we will begin using the new values. This will increase permit fees slightly, but will be consistent with the rest of Curry County and most other communities in the state, Blodgett said.

Questions and comments regarding the changes can be addressed to the City of Brookings, Building Official Laura Lee Gray, 898 Elk Drive, Brookings 97415, or call 469-2163 Ext. 206.