Four of five candidates running for county commissioner and all seven candidates in the Brookings city council race attended a standing room only League of Womens Voters forum Tuesday night.

The forum, held at the Best Western Brookings Inn Conference Room, was recorded by KBSC-TV for broadcast today (Wednesday) at 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Moderator Shirley Nelson first asked the candidates to address the question of why they were running for office.

Incumbent Curry County Commissioner Lloyd Olds (D) Position 2, said, Four years ago we decided to run to bring respect back to county government.

Our people work hard, but werent being paid what they deserved. We had a problem with law enforcement. Our infrastructure was falling apart.

We had a choice of going out for initiatives and tax increases (but) we decided to work on the timber bill. That bill may have been approved tonight. This will give Curry County six years of pretty smooth sailing and will bring to the county more than $3.5 million a year.

Marilyn Schafer (R), candidate for Commission Position 2, asked voters to check my qualifications in my brochure.

I have a plan, Schafer said, and if elected I will go to all parts of this county to carry it out. I will work to develop a working County Economic Improvement Plan. I know we need consensus in the county to solve our problems.

Pete DiRusso (Independent), also a candidate for Position 2, said he was a candidate because the problems of the county are not going to go away overnight.

Many of these problems will still be here in 30 years, facing my wife and I and the children we want to have. Im here for the long haul.

Incumbent County Commissioner Bill Roberts (R), Position 3, was absent from the meeting.

Candidate Lucie La Bonte (D), Position 3, said she plans to develop a five-year economic development plan for the county.

The plan will be for both the short and long term. Our employees need security and stability.

I have long been recognized for my management and people skills. I worked to form a fire district and became fire chief. My plan was recognized statewide and became the local contract for the governor. I have always worked for the public good.

Incumbent Mayor of Brookings Bob Hagbom said I am proud to be mayor of Brookings and part of the communitys many recent improvements, including the golf course, improvements at Bud Cross Park.

Hagbom continued, I thank Elmo Williams and others for the beautification of Azalea Park. I have worked to build partnerships within the city and parts of our county.

Vikki Nuss, candidate for mayor, expressed her thanks to the League of Women Voters. I also want to thank my husband, Don, one of the most honest and principled man I know.

I got involved when the city paid $90,000 more for a two acre lot than it was worth. Downtown business people wanted more land for parking the city is going to use it for pipe storage.

Now the community is facing $120 million to pay for urban growth. We need new streets and sidewalks in downtown Brookings.

Rick Dentino, candidate for city council Position 1, said he has a burning desire to serve this community a fire in the belly.

You hear promises and things candidates plan to do, but until youre elected you cant make promises. So I offer a wish list instead Ill work hard to make Brookings a better place in which to live.

And I havent been sitting on my hands. Ive held many positions to prepare myself for this job.

Don Nuss, candidate for City Council Position 1: First, I would like to thank the League of Women Voters for hosting this forum.

In talking to residents I hear a common theme. Voters want sidewalks, streeets and streetlights in their neighborhoods. Voters want more information and more notice when public projects are proposed.

Councilor Larry Curry, incumbent, City Council Position 2, said, I have been a member of the city council for nine years and 10 months. I have been a part of many positive changes. Among these are:

Azalea Park cleaned up and turned into a showcase;

Kids Town. Using volunteer labor it was built in two days;

The Azalea Park Bandshell;

Sidewalks on Ransom Street to make it safer for children going to school;

Developmant of an Urban Growth Boundary plan as mandated by the state;

Tennis courts at Bud Cross Park;

Chetco Point Park, and many others.

Tim Patterson, candidate for City Council Position 2, said I have been a resident of this area for six years.

The reason for my candidacy is, as a downtown merchant, Ive been trying to find a parking place.

We have a very big need for the (Highway 101) couplet. I would like to see the 20 acres identified as downtown to be developed a high tech center.

Fred Hummel, candidate for City Council Position 2, said I am outraged at these incumbents who, with only three members of the council voting, approved a city manager contract that makes the city council a servant to the city manager, setting one standard for the city manager and another for other city employees.

The candidates later answered written questions submitted by the audience.