GOLD BEACH Whats in a name? A lot, as it turns out, when youre trying to make the fairgrounds self-sufficient.

The Curry County Fairgrounds is now officially The Event Center on the Beach.

The name change was the result of a contest that drew 95 suggestions from 16 people.

Fair Manager Ron Crook said the name chosen by the Fair Board was actually a combination of several entries. He said all contestants will be awarded a Curry County Fair T-shirt.

The events center will still be the home of the Curry County Fair, the Curry County Historical Society Museum, the 4-H Club Extension building, and Southwestern Oregon Community College, said Crook.

He assured people that the events center will be everything the fairgrounds always was. The name change was needed to better market the facility to conventions and special events.

The name fairgrounds just didnt ring the right bells with certain groups, said Crook.

He said two groups held events at the facility the week of the name change, and they remarked how surprisingly nice it was.

The fairgrounds label led people to expect dusty, dirty barns, not convention facilities with manicured lawns right on the beach.

Dr. John Rush started the ball rolling when he urged the Fair Board to market the facility under a name which would reflect its unique beachfront location.

Rush is working with the Gold Beach Rotary Club to design a new web page for the events center and promote it.

Crook said a committee is also working on a grant proposal to pay for a sign with the new name. It will also list the fair and other activities that take place at the events center.