GOLD BEACH Commissioner Bill Roberts was the biggest spender, according to the latest campaign finance reports turned in Thursday.

Roberts led the pack by spending $9,512 so far. Gold Beach Mayor Marlyn Schafer was a distant second with $4,987 in expenditures.

Roberts Democratic challenger, Lucie La Bont, was third with $4,237.

Roberts, the Republican incumbent in seat No. 3, seems to be having trouble keeping his finances straight. He was asked by Curry County Clerk Renee Kolen to amend his first pre-election report, which he did.

His second pre-election report, submitted Thursday, also appeared to contain some errors. He counted his expenditures twice, then added where he should have subtracted, and vice versa.

The report was supposed to include contributions and expenses from the general election, but Roberts report included some from the primary election as well.

On Friday, Roberts said he has had some difficulty in filling out the reports.

Filling out those forms is very confusing, but I did the best I can, he said, then added, When I turned it in to Renee Kolen, I told her I think I got it wrong.

Roberts said Kolen is very helpful. She usually takes a look at my report, highlights some items, and sends it back to me to correct.

Kolen, agreed, saying, Thats my job, thats what I do.

She said sending reports back to candidates for corrections is common.

Although Kolen hadnt audited or amended Thursdays report, The Pilot calculated the numbers on Roberts report and determined that Robert had a total of expenditures of $9,512, including cash expenses and personal expenditures.

Those two categories are nearly the same in Roberts campaign. He has raised only $450, with his largest contribution of $250 coming from Ian Maitland, a retired professor in Harbor.

The balance is money Roberts has spent himself on his reelection, and an $1,100 loan. That left him with a $9,512 deficit.

Like most other candidates, Roberts has spent his money on newspaper ads and postage for direct mailing in the waning days of the campaign.

Earlier in the campaigns, candidates spent more on signs, literature and the voters pamphlet, according to the financial reports.

Roberts Democratic challenger, Lucie La Bont, was the only candidate who was not asked to amend her first report.

While most campaigns are running in the red now, La Bonts is down by only $10.

Her contributions totaled $3,855. Of that, $800 came from the Curry County Democratic Central Committee, $200 from Ron Fallert of South Coast Lumber, and $200 from Gold Beach realtor Jon Younce. The balance was from small contributions of $100 or less.

Her expenses totaled $4,237. La Bont has spent her money mostly on newspaper and radio ads lately.

Commissioner Lloyd Olds, the incumbent in seat No. 2, is running a $975 deficit in his campaign.

He raised $1,325, including $800 from the Curry County Democratic Central Committee, and $250 from Brookings retirees Ian and Yvonne Maitland.

His expenses totaled $2,606, including $394 in personal expenses. His latest expenses include newspaper ads and postage.

Olds Republican challenger, Gold Beach Mayor Marlyn Schafer, is running a deficit of $634.

She raised $4,735, including $500 from the Curry County Republican Central Committee, $200 from Gold Beach businessman Ed Kammer, and $200 from Gold Beach retiree Sharon Zuber.

Schafer has spent $4,987, mostly on newspaper and radio ads lately.

Pete DiRusso, Independent candidate for seat No. 2, was not required to submit spending reports because he agreed to raise and spend less than $2,500 in his campaign.

The only other campaign report was submitted by Schools Designed for Learning, the Brookings school bond committee.

That organization raised $5,461, mostly from small donations. The largest contributions were $300 from retiree Frank Cembellin and $250 from retiree C.J. Therrien.

Coastal Copiers in Brookings contributed $250, while Paul Prevenas, superintendent of the Brookings-Harbor school district, contributed $200.

Expenses for the group totaled $3,807, including newspaper and radio ads, and postage. Personal expenses included $431 spent by Bill Ferry on buttons and $300 spent by Larry Anderson on signs.